AR/XR Glasses could get a lot slimmer thanks to this unique new hardware arrangement

AR/XR Glasses could get a lot slimmer thanks to this unique new hardware arrangement

During the pandemic, we were stuck in our homes and we got used to watching video content through our smart TVs or mobile devices. Now that we can once again enjoy movies in cinemas, there has been a push and pull between the “regular” cinema experience and the comfort of watching these movies in the comfort of our homes through OTT platforms. There are still limitations with the latter but we’re seeing technology trying to catch up through various devices and gadgets that we can use at home.

Designer: Woojin Jang

Movi is a concept for an XR eyewear device that can make the movie watching more immersive even when you don’t have the benefit of a large screen. Compared to other existing VR glasses right now, this one is conceptualized to be a lighter version that you can also carry with you so you can enjoy movies on the plane or wherever you want.

It is lighter because it uses a lens called Lenslet Array which reduces the focal length and eye relief distance. The regular distance is one of the main reasons why most VR devices are heavier and bulkier this lens is a two-dimensional array of around 20,000 small lenses that have been arranged in parallel. It also uses transparent OLED so that our eyes look outward so the glasses can be designed like actual eyewear you would wear every day rather than the weird-looking bulky VR glasses we have now.

As a concept, Movi seems to be an interesting way to make watching videos on our TVs at home on our mobile devices. It would also probably rely on how movie makers and content creators can make films and videos that can adapt these kinds of technology, although that will bring about even more debate on how this may destroy the actual cinema-going experience.