Champion sweatshirts and joggers are biodegradable and sustainable

Champion sweatshirts and joggers are biodegradable and sustainable

Have you ever had one of those dreams, or rather, nightmares, when your clothes suddenly fall off your body like it was decomposing or something? That will probably not happen in real life, at least not instantly. But for those who are pursuing sustainable fashion, this is actually a good dream and not a nightmare. We’re seeing clothing brands experiment with biodegradable clothing and Champion is one such brand to do so.

Designer: Champion

The Reverse Weave Eco Future Collection is a line of biodegradable sweatshirt and joggers made from sustainable materials. You can wear it repeatedly until it naturally breaks down and decomposes over time. They use the CiCLO technology which helps bring about this natural decomposition process over time and help reduce the impact of plastic textile fibers and lessen microfiber pollution which is one of the major effects of the clothing industry on our carbon footprint.

The technology uses an additive that is combined with polyester and nylon during the fiber-making process. The process called melt extrusion turns them into liquid when heated and then they are turned into long threads. Other elements of the sweatshirts and joggers also use eco-friendly materials like the tags and labels ause pure cotton while the hangtags are printed with soybean ink. Even the colors used are from dyes extracted from pomegranate rinds, annatto, Terminalia Chebula fruit crusts, and kerria lacca insects.

In terms of the design, the sweatshirts and joggers in the Reverse Weave Eco Future Collection are just your usual. They do look comfortable since they’re oversized and unisex, so that’s another plus. The joggers have hip pockets and a drawcord waist for added comfort. But of course the main reason why you’d want any of these pieces is that they are biodegradable and friendly to Mother Earth. They’re available in different sizes and colors so there’s a variety to choose from.