Futuristic-looking garden dome functions as an office space, yoga den, and nap spot to sleep under the stars

Futuristic-looking garden dome functions as an office space, yoga den, and nap spot to sleep under the stars

A trend that grew ever so popular during the pandemic was “domes’. Sneakily enough, little garden domes started to rise in popularity during the pandemic, since a lot of people felt frustrated working and being cooped up in their homes all day long. Although offices, and the rest of the world, have started to open up now, somehow domes still manage to be a favorite amongst the people. We’re used to garden domes that function as cool home offices, but this garden dome by Hypedome is a home office…but also much more!

Designer: Hypedome

Designed by Hypedome, these garden domes are designed to function as office spaces, calm lounges to relax in, yoga dens, and even additional sleeping quarters if you like to sleep under the stars in the outdoors – without the fear of rain and snow. These geodesic domes were created to make indoor-outdoor living even more accessible, and to provide an indoor-outdoor space that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature without having to deal with its harsh side.

Made from solid polycarbonate panels, the hemispherical garden domes look like glass, but are in fact 200 times more durable and weather-resistant, and UV-protected as well. This provides protection to the furniture and other items placed within the domes. “Our goal was to create durable domes that would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens but also provide a practical living space that can withstand various weather conditions,” said Hypedome.

The innovative garden domes can be used all year round since you can easily heat them during the winter. And of course, during summer they’ll be a plush little lounge spot to spend your days in, allowing you to soak up the sun, but not too much of it. The garden domes come in three different sizes, with a crystal clear finish as the standard finish. You can also pick mirror, grey, and translucent finish options – they also add a bit of privacy. Hypedome says that the garden domes have a life expectancy of fifteen years, and once they’ve died down, they can be fully recycled, which makes this design worthy of some extra brownie points!