Heavy duty laptop with 64-core CPU set to make its (expensive) debut

Heavy duty laptop with 64-core CPU set to make its (expensive) debut

Compared to a decade ago, there are a lot of laptops now that are pretty powerful and can even go toe-to-toe with some of the desktops available in the market. But there’s still a lot of room for improvement especially when it comes to raw power. Of course having such a powerful device would mean sacrificing on the design and price elements but if you’re looking for something that’s extremely powerful, this latest device from a Chinese laptop company may be the one you’re looking for.

Designer: Zhanjiang Xinjuneng

The REV-9 can be considered to be one of the most powerful laptop out there with its 64-core AMD Epyc CPU and a desktop class RTX 4080 card. There are two configurations offered with one a Zen 3-based Epyc 7713 CPU and the other a Zen 4 Epyc 9554. Since these are pretty heavy specifications, it comes with a built-in split liquid cooling system as well as a high-pressure water pump and water tank. It also has a large copper radiator so the cooling system seems to be working as it has a Cinebench R23 result of 49,000.

It has a 17.3-inch 2.5K screen with a 240Hz efresh rate but you also have an option for a 4K 120Hz display. With all of these hardware and built-in features, you probably won’t be able to lug the REV-9 around wherever you want. It is 16.5 x 12.79 x 1.8 inches and that doesn’t even include the weight. But looking at the photos, it will most likely not be light at all. Design-wise, you also can’t expect something sleek and pretty but it does come in different colors including gold, silver, rose gold, blue, purple, and red.

Of course another consideration for such a powerful device would be the price. The Epyc 9554 alone is already around $9,000 so you can expect a lot of zeroes for this laptop. It was supposed to be available on Taobao by December 19 but we couldn’t find any traces of it. Either the release was delayed or there were a lot of rich people who bought it already and now it’s sold out.