Intricately detailed Ferrari 296 GT3 replica model is perfect for passionate motorheads

Intricately detailed Ferrari 296 GT3 replica model is perfect for passionate motorheads

Amalgam Collection has created a niche for itself in the car scale model-making craft and they go down to the last-minute details, leaving nothing to nit-pick. The Bristol-based company creates intricate scale models of acclaimed cars at their workshops in China Hungary and the UK. These faithful reproductions are dream-worthy for those who can’t afford the real thing and also for those who already own the $600,000 Ferrari but want a replica to sit on their desk to show off some love.

Their latest creation is the 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari 296 GT3 sportscar that was originally based on the Prancing Horse’s first-ever V6-powered 256 GTB. The model measures 22 inches in length and is made using the original CAD data of the 296 GT3. The level of realism can be judged from the fact that the development process took 3,000 hours and the assembly (including sanding, fitting and painting) of each one takes around 350 hours in total. It’s like a shrunken-down version of the real sportscar down to the details such as the 2.9-liter V6 engine bay, Pirelli race tires Stäubli fuel-filler cap, magnesium gearbox case and the original paint codes for the exterior. Even the individual metal parts are carefully crafted using CNC-milling techniques.

Designer: Amalgam Collection

The intricate details carry down to the interiors right from the dashboard with Bosh-branded monitor and Manettino-equipped steering wheel to the control console and the handstitched racing harness. According to the in-house team at Amalgam, the scale models they create are no less than crafting high-end watches detailed down to the last millimeter. The Ferrari 296 GT3 is perhaps their best creation thus far in that regard and it shows in the end product.

Amalgam is going to craft only 199 limited edition units of the 1:8 scale model of the high-performance car for passionate collectors. The level of realism will continue down to the customization options for the interested buyers. For example, the exact color match and interior upholstery hues are based on that choice. All this for a mind-numbing price tag of $18,090. Sure, you’ll easily buy a mid-sized car for that amount, but hey, we are talking about passionate motorheads who are fat-pocketed!