Joyce’90 electric bike with integrated boombox and pop-up headlights comes in peppy design

Joyce’90 electric bike with integrated boombox and pop-up headlights comes in peppy design

If the micro-mobility market was looking for an evolution that Gen-Z would love, it’s right now. That’s because TOZZ has just revealed its new hip electric motorbike. This is the Joyce’90 by the sub-culture brand based in Istanbul that’s known for its e-mobility solutions for the young generation that doesn’t follow anything mainstream.

Smart design with sustainable production is their niche and durable construction is their forte. All these attributes are reflected in the Joyce’90 e-bike that shines with its peculiar pop-up headlights. The interesting USP of the electric motorcycle is the integrated Bluetooth boombox, because why not?

Designer: TOZZ

At first glance, you’ll notice the reminiscences of 90s cross bikes (maybe that’s where the name is derived from) and grand tourers. As expected, the body is as tough as a bull and draped in trending color decals, and we can safely say, that millennials will hit the skip button here. Coming on to the hip youngsters who’ll fancy this ride, the 150W 2.1 boombox hides in the body to get the party started anywhere, anytime.

On the performance front, the electric bike reaches a maximum speed of 45 km/h but the company plans to limit it to 25 km/h and 250W output in the European countries to keep up with the regulations. The base battery capacity of the e-bike is 45 km but an upgraded battery pack can be fitted to increase it by double to 90 km. The ride currently in the prototype stage will ultimately be licensed as a pedelec so that it can be driven in the bike lanes in the region. When the electric bike will be available in other parts of the world?

Joyce’90 will be available for pre-order this month and deliveries can be expected soon. The price and availability of the e-bike will be revealed in the coming days on the website and social media channels.