Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro headphones analyze brainwaves to optimize your work-life balance

Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro headphones analyze brainwaves to optimize your work-life balance

Master & Dynamic can satisfy the most finicky audiophiles with the highest-quality audio solutions. Already on the high spectrum of the headphones industry, the NY-based company now wants to break the shackles and venture into the new age of music listening experience.

They’ve collaborated with Neurable, a tech company focused on bringing neuroscience to everyday gadgets for user’s well-being. The result is a pair of cans that are smart enough to know when you are stressed or need to focus on the task at hand. In a way these headphones are not just about listening to music, rather they are about optimizing your mental state for peak focus or stress relief to get you through the day.

Designer: Master & Dynamic and Neurable

Dubbed the MW75 Neuro, these high-tech wireless headphones provide precise statistics and graphs for analysis, so that you can plan your day to maximize productivity. This is of course done via the accompanying app that highlights the most productive times to the moments of stress. On their own, the MW75 Neuro can mute notifications, enable Do Not Disturb mode and activate the Active Noise Canceling mode if it determines your brain has too much fluff to filter out in a period of focus tasks. All the fancy tech will be housed in the padded earcups of the headies and they look and feel almost like any other luxury headphones.

As clear from the name, these advanced headphones are based on the brand’s acclaimed MW75 headphones that have class-leading audio performance courtesy of the 40mm Beryllium drivers, ANC capabilities thanks to the 4 microphones that toggle the ANC levels based on the environmental sounds and stellar 28 hours battery life with ANC turned on. The MW75’s Master & Dynamic wants to usher into a new era of BCI-enabled wearable technology with these cans, and this is a clear sign of where the industry is heading toward, taking the next big leap in audio.

As Jonathan Levine, Master & Dynamic founder & CEO put it, “The greatest advancement of audio technology over the last decade has been the migration from analog to Bluetooth wireless devices. Moving now into brain sensing thrusts the industry into a new wave of innovation. We’re proud to lead the charge with Neurable.”

The Neuro variant will be available in four colors (Onyx, Argent, Olive, and Navy) for early adopters in the first quarter of 2024 for a price tag of $649. That’s only $50 more than the standard MW75 version which increases its likelihood of being picked up by geeks who want to experience more than just sublime audio. The M&D headphones will be a game changer for professionals who strive for a balanced work-life regime and audiophiles who are too obsessed with the technical and specifications!