Mercedes Benz Vision iMobility combines style and functionality for ultra-relaxed commutes in urban landscape

Mercedes Benz Vision iMobility combines style and functionality for ultra-relaxed commutes in urban landscape

The future of level 5 autonomous mobility is largely going to revolve around relaxation and the whole experience of getting from point A to B.  Inspired by the protective shell of turtles, the Mercedes Benz Vision iMobility concept emphasises efficiency and resilience in a smooth curvy design. The form factor in particular is a combination of style and functionality, creating a bridge between cutting-edge automotive technology and the organic beauty of nature.

The designer imagines this vehicle to dot the landscape of four-wheelers in the year 2050 where cars communicate with the traffic systems, other vehicles and urban environment to optimize routes and bump-up safety. A time when autonomy, connectivity and sustainability are the driving force of innovation. Richard states, “Vision iMobility isn’t just a means of reaching a destination; it’s a dynamic and adaptive space that caters to individual needs.”

Designer: Richard Huang

The nature-inspired details don’t end there as the headlights get the reminiscence of a dwarf arrowhead flower. The front-open design of the vehicle makes it easy for the occupant to enter the cozy relaxing interiors and the compact shape gives the iMobility flexibility in tight urban spaces. Running out of juice in this electric vehicle is out of the question as it can be charged wirelessly just by parking on the readily available charging junctions.

Since we are talking about complete autonomy, there’s no need for driving hardware like a steering wheel, brakes or accelerator. The interior space is rather a personalized oasis for laying back, gaming in VR or simply exploring different realities in metaverse worlds. The small size no a limitation as there is enough tactically designed space for sleeping in comfort. In fact the interior is flexible enough to be arranged for different scenarios. Mercedes Benz Vision iMobility truly becomes an extension of the personal space for self-expression and fulfillment of the rider.

Richard has mustered up the idea of this compact autonomous vehicle for east Asian workforce who have to deal with demanding work cultures, long working hours and intense competition. I believe this EV could be the perfect personal transportation for individuals living in any urban space.