Porsche Design Unveils the PD S20, its First Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Porsche Design Unveils the PD S20, its First Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Porsche Design, renowned for its sleek, high-performance products, has recently unveiled the PDS20, marking its first foray into the realm of outdoor speakers. This move comes after years of producing other acclaimed audio products, underscoring Porsche Design’s commitment to expanding its portfolio and catering to a wider range of audiophile needs.

Designer: Porsche Design

Porsche Design has always been about blending top-notch design with serious tech and adding a sprinkle of automotive joy; their audio line is no exception. Take the 911 Speaker 2.0 60Y 911 for instance,  a limited-edition speaker modeled on the Porsche 911’s iconic tailpipe, proving Porsche Design knows a thing or two about exclusive, high-end audio gear. And if you’re in the mood to splurge, there’s the 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro. This baby will set you back a cool $12,000.00, but it quite literally transforms an original exhaust pipe from a Porsche 992 GT3 into a staggering 300W sound system… But here’s where things get interesting with the PDS20. This isn’t just another high-end gadget in Porsche Design’s arsenal. Priced at a respectable $245.00, it’s their first outdoor speaker, and it’s a game-changer. Unlike its predecessors, the PDS20 is built for the great outdoors, with a tough, weather-resistant design and a sound that’s just as impressive in the open air as it is indoors. It’s like Porsche Design decided to take everything they knew about premium sound, throw in a dash of adventure, and voila – the PDS20 was born.

The PDS20 comes crafted from anodized aluminum and gray acoustic fabric, presenting a minimalist and durable design. This cylindrical speaker is equipped with two passive radiators and a 1.75″ woofer, ensuring exceptional sound quality, particularly in the bass department. Its IP67 rating guarantees resilience against dust and water, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities such as hiking or for enhancing open spaces with premium sound. The PDS20 also boasts a 10-hour battery life and quick USB-C charging, ensuring all-day uninterrupted listening. An integrated microphone facilitates easy interaction with voice assistants for playlist control, call management, and messaging, all controllable via the haptic buttons built into the PD S20’s fabric grill. For an immersive stereo experience, it can easily pair with a second speaker via Bluetooth, perfect for larger gatherings or home entertainment enhancement.

The PD S20’s blend of design styles allows it to easily transition between being a haute home speaker or an outdoor-friendly audio device. That anodized aluminum enclosure is undeniably classy, although it gets a slight hint of rugged when you slide that silicone ring in (which comes in 2 color options that you can alternate between). With its sleek design, robust build, and superior sound quality, this speaker is ready to take on any adventure, be it a backyard barbecue or a hike in the hills. It’s a refreshing addition to the otherwise relatively unattainable Porsche Design lineup (10 grand for a soundbar?!), combining their trademark elegance with outdoor-friendly functionality so you can carry your love for Porsche with you wherever you go. And the best part? You can snag one of these for $245.00. Starting from November 15, 2023, it’s up for grabs at Porsche Design stores, their website, and selected retailers.