Renault 5 E-Tech is a retro-futuristic electric revamp of R5 hatchback from the 70s

Renault 5 E-Tech is a retro-futuristic electric revamp of R5 hatchback from the 70s

When we talk of cult favorite hatchbacks that rocked the scene back in the 70s, Renault was right up there with the best thanks to the R5. Now, the French carmaker has reincarnated the iconic sports car in a retro-modern avatar they call the Renault 5 E-Tech. All set to make its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in February 2024, the modernized version carries the same fun and styling in an environmentally friendly iteration.

The obvious differences between the two include more rugged wheel arches. Boxier body frame and a flowing soft-top roof. Other changes come in the form of the original bonnet air intake morphed into a charging port. Of course, to stay abreast of the latest automotive trends, the LEDs illuminate the logo on the bonnet and accents on the front section!

Designer: Renault

The electric car is a five-door version of the classic sports car that dominated the scene for nearly five years. This newer version will be powered by a 100-kW electric motor that delivers 136 horsepower and has an impressive range of 400 km on a single full charge.

The electric car debuted back in 2021 as a concept from the brand with no surety about its future as a production-ready version. In fact, last year Renault joined forces with Pierre Gonalons (French designer/interior architect) to create the Renault 5 Diamant. Fast forward to 2023 and it is breaking the scene as a viable four-wheeler that is all set to steal the show. According to Renault, the 5 E-Tech will be assembled in their Douai plant in France. The car is all set to roll off the production lines next summer in Europe for an estimated price tag of around $27,636.

If you are already interested, the Renault 5 E-Tech can be pre-booked right away. Renault also has plans to come up with the Super5 and R5 Turbo versions sometime in the future depending on the consumer response to this current announced model.