Samsung Music Frame turns your speaker into a work of art

Samsung Music Frame turns your speaker into a work of art

When you have a speaker in your house or in your office, it’s easy to see that you have a speaker. Most are designed to be aesthetically pleasing but still you know that they are speakers. But then there are also speakers that can masquerade as something else, in case you wanted something that would blend in with the look of your room. Samsung announced at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show 2024 that they will be launching their newest “incognito” device, The Music Frame, which may soon be the latest addition to your wall.

Designer: Samsung

The Samsung Music Frame is a music speaker that can also camouflage as a picture frame for aesthetic purposes. It comes with a physical frame where you can place your photo or painting to hang on your wall and you can just surprise people that audio will be playing out of the frame. Unlike some of the similar products in the market, there is no digital part in the flame so the print that you’ll display is fully analog and can be changed whenever you want to since the notches that secure the print are easy to remove and attach.

The frame itself measures 12.9 x 12.9 inches but the space for the print is 8 x 8 inches. It is able to hide six speakers inside of its frame, including two woofers, two tweeters, and two midrange drivers. There are also waveguides included so the sound can be spread out in a bigger room. These speakers use intelligent audio processing so you get “premium audio experience”. If you pair it with Samsung TVs and soundbars, the Q-symphony technology will be able to give you surround sound. There is of course a thin power cable to connect it to an outlet but otherwise, there are no other wires needed as you connect it to your source device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This isn’t the first time that Samsung has brought a device that can double as decoration. They previously released the Frame TV which has customizable bezels, a matte screen, and artwork that can appear on the screen when you want to use it as a display. There are no other details released yet like release date or price range but already there is a lot of interest generated after the announcement and demo at CES 2024.