Solar-powered coffee truck concept runs on green fuel to bring black fuel anywhere

Solar-powered coffee truck concept runs on green fuel to bring black fuel anywhere

They say money makes the world go round, but coffee is probably just as critical for some people. Connoisseurs will undoubtedly tell anyone willing to listen to brew their own cup, but not everyone has the luxury of doing that daily. If you don’t know of a local shop you can call your home away from home, you’d probably be at the mercy of the big, expensive chains that put more sugar than you’re going to be comfortable with. Establishing a fixed store in a nook or building isn’t going to be cheap for some businesses, and it also means not being able to reach customers where they are. Coffee trucks can solve the problem of portability, but this concept design takes that idea even further by having the whole operation run on solar power, potentially bringing that coffee experience anywhere, even away from the grid.

Designer: Kyrolos Maged

Although you can see them almost everywhere, big chain stores like Starbucks won’t always please everyone. Some simply don’t like their selection or the way they do business. Others simply prefer to patronize smaller businesses to help them grow and thrive. Either way, the majority of these stores force you to go to their location, which is not a problem unless there isn’t one nearby. It would definitely be great if the coffee could come to where the people are rather than the other way around, which is what coffee trucks are trying to do.

Although they are a viable business model, such mobile coffee dispensing stores have a few logistic issues to iron out, specifically one of power. Sure, you can run the machines on the same battery that drives the truck, but it also risks you running out of fuel when you need it the most. And with some vehicles turning to electric power, such a power source might no longer be feasible. This unnamed concept thus turns toward an ever-present source, at least during the time when people are most likely to chug their black or brown fuel.

The solar-powered coffee truck is exactly as it sounds, an operation that runs on solar energy rather than fuel or car batteries. There’s a single large solar panel on top of the truck, but it’s easy enough to extend the design to have multiple panels on the “wings” that fold out from the sides of the truck. This way, the energy needs of the coffee machines and the truck itself are kept separate and you don’t have to worry about one eating into the reserves of the other.

The design of the truck itself is pretty standard, with sliding tables to let customers put down their cups for a while or enjoy some sandwiches that the mobile cafe might offer. What’s interesting, however, is the idea that the coffee truck would offer all sorts of coffee, including those from capsule machines. It’s a good way to diversify and hit many types of customers while also ensuring the speed of service, though pure-blood coffee lovers might turn their noses up at such a thought.