SwitchBot K10+ Mini Robot Vacuum cleans narrow, hard-to-reach places with ease

SwitchBot K10+ Mini Robot Vacuum cleans narrow, hard-to-reach places with ease

Robot vacuum cleaners are quite the fad these days, offering peace of mind by keeping your floors clean without getting your hands dirty. They come with a wide range of advanced features and a variety of designs, but they all have one thing in common. The majority of robot vacuum cleaners come with very large bodies, often justified by the power they pack inside. Bigger isn’t always better, though, and size can even become a liability rather than an asset when dealing with small, cramped areas or difficult corners. That’s no problem for the world’s smallest robot vacuum cleaner, sneaking into tough corners and narrow paths in order to provide a more efficient cleaning experience in a compact and portable package.

Designer: SwitchBot

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With it’s compact design K10+ can reach smaller spaces to clean better.

The SwitchBot K10+ honestly looks too cute to be true. At only 248mm in diameter and 92mm tall, it’s only half the size of run-of-the-mill robot vacuums and might easily be mistaken for a toy. In fact, you can easily lift it with one hand and carry it upstairs or anywhere, which means you can easily move it to rooms that need cleaning in a snap. Despite that diminutive size, however, the K10+ is no slouch, and it’s exactly thanks to its size that it is able to offer more for less.

K10+ features a design that can blend in with any home, making it even less intrusive.

LiDAR Navigation.
K10+ allows you to achieve AI level precise mapping and quickly plan cleaning range at a speed of 2080 pts/sec.

K10+ returns to its base station for charging when battery is low, and returns to the last place it cleaned to finish up.

With its smaller diameter, the SwitchBot K10+ can easily navigate narrower spaces without breaking a sweat, deftly reaching the floor between the wall and a closet, underneath the couch, or in between the legs of a side table. Because it’s able to clean areas that most robot vacuums steer clear of, it offers 90% more coverage and significantly increases its cleaning efficiency. Of course, it’s not enough to simply be able to roll where no robot vacuum cleaner has gone before, and this little wonder surprisingly packs quite the assortment of cleaning features that puts it on par with its larger rivals.

Use the app to control the K10+

You might be surprised that the smallest robot vac actually boasts a suction power of 2500Pa, which means that even kitty litter and small pieces of food are no match for this wonder of technology. Even with that much action going on, it is able to keep quiet while it does its job, down to 50dB or 50% quieter than the industry average. It can also mop the floors after it has sucked them clean, and the disposable cleaning pads free you from the hassles and risks of dealing with dirty mops after each cleaning session. Best of all, the large 4-liter dustbin can collect dirt for up to 70 days before you need to take out the trash.

The SwitchBot K10+ is also equipped with plenty of smarts, from SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) self-navigation to obstacle and no-clean zone detection to scheduling cleaning sessions. It can also integrated with smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and even IFTTT for hands-free voice control. With the SwitchBot K10+, you never have to worry about missing those hidden corners and spots ever again and dedicate more of your time to the more important things in life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399.99 $499.99 (Use coupon code “UP50MRCS” to get $100 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!