Man builds 13-foot mammoth bumper car which by surprise is street legal

Retirement is often associated with relaxation and leisure. But for Dan Hryhorcoff from Pennsylvania, retirement meant diving into an entirely different realm of creativity: one that involved building extraordinary vehicles that defy traditional expectations.

After years of working on a submarine and various other innovative projects, Dan embarked on an intriguing automotive endeavor during the pandemic and came up with a Bumper car, twice the normal size, but rendered street-legal. Dan’s automotive journey first began with a replica of a vintage Murray General pedal car that he sought to magnify into a larger-than-life fiberglass creation (Dan honed the knack for working with fiberglass through his prior project—a fully functional submarine).

Desginer: Dan Hryhorcoff

However, Dan’s real automotive masterpiece emerges in the form of this gigantic street-legal bumper car. This striking creation measures an astounding 13 feet in length, 7 feet in width, and 5.5 feet in height, doubling the dimensions of a regular bumper car. The inspiration for this colossal bumper car came from a 1953 model bumper car at the Knoebels amusement park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania.

Dan was captivated by its design, reminiscent of a Chevrolet pickup truck from the post-World War II era. Spending meticulous hours at the amusement park, he gathered information and captured every detail necessary to replicate and magnify the charm of the vintage bumper car. Dan’s attention to detail and creativity shone through as he fused elements of a Chevrolet Aveo and a motorcycle wheel into his design, reshaping the traditional bumper car into a unique, functioning vehicle.

With the front of a Aveo integrated into the rear and a motorcycle wheel at the front, his bumper car boasts incredible maneuverability with sharp turning capabilities. The choice of materials was always critical in the construction of this larger-than-life automobile. The exterior, crafted from fiberglass, not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of nostalgia by paying homage to the original bumper car’s design. What truly sets Dan’s creation apart is its ability to be street-legal, a rarity for such unconventional vehicles.