With its tactical accessories, this company plans to add value and substance to oddly-shaped Cybertruck

After what seemed like a long time due, Tesla very recently handed over the first limited production units of the Cybertruck electric pickup. If you are one of the select few to have gotten your hands on the oddly-shaped truck, you have reasons to rejoice. Unplugged Performance, a developer of stylish and high-performance upgrades for Tesla vehicles, has stepped up with a range of Up Invincible accessories for the Cybertruck that intend to improve every aspect, on and off-road – of the pickup’s driving and ownership experience.

The launch of the aftermarket accessories aligns with the Cybertruck’s delivery event last week, and steps up the customization game for the owners to give their purchase an even more exciting outlook. The range of accessories includes lift kits, steel bumpers, armor, carbon fiber panels, LED lights, and more. All of which individually or together (if your pocket allows) would put the already unique Cybertruck into a never-fatomed pickup category.

Designer: Unplugged Performance

According to the creator, some of the accessories in the Up Invincible range should be available starting this month, while most of them will only be launched in the first quarter of 2024. Nonetheless, while we are at it, the standard upgrades to tune the Cybertruck’s off-roading capabilities include the 2.5-inch lift kit which enhances the ground clearance to 19.5 inches without affecting the truck’s inherent air suspension and other elements.

Taking the word hardcore to the next level are the 20-inch beadlock wheels and the brake rotors. These are meant for off-roading but are legal for everyday commutes in the Cybertruck. While the lift kit is priced at $9,950, the beadlock wheel and brake rotors would set you back up to $2,290 and $2,390 respectively.

The Up Invincible is not only about enhancing the off-road ability of the already capable Cybertruck. In fact, the range of accessories that make the Cybertruck a road wonder includes steel front bumpers, front and rear carbon fiber fender flares, a front bull bar, and an underbody armor that provides ribbed protection for your truck. Additional excitements to retrofit the Cybertruck are a roof rack and a carbon fiber hood with Kevlar reinforcement that fits atop the steel hood of the standard Tesla truck.

What really makes a statement and adds to the umpteen usability is the Unplugged Performance’s fully enclosed and lockable rail-based bed storage system. The storage drawers here are more secure and have a sizable capacity. These are accessible via the tailgate or can be reached through the hatch doors from the top. This $100 system along with a 50-inch LED light bar gives the Cybertruck more flare and functionality.

The retrofit accessories generally add to the drag of a vehicle. How much will these mentioned accessories, and others in the range, affect that of the Cybertruck is not yet pointed out. But these are the first real upgrades to be available for the Tesla’s ambitious pickup truck after the Basecamp tent that we have discussed this past week since the Cybertruck production models have gone out.


These earth-friendly sustainable cups add joy to every drink without harming the planet

Even with all the advice to drink plenty of water each day, few people actually pay attention to what they drink. Even fewer, unfortunately, pay attention to what they’re drinking from. Glassware is common in some homes and fine dining, but you’re more likely to see plastic vessels everywhere else. This synthetic material does have its advantages, especially when it comes to durability, but its harmful effects on the environment have already piled up. Fortunately, you can have your personal cup and drink from it, too, thanks to the fusion of innovative, earth-friendly materials and simple yet elegant design, giving birth to this sustainable tumbler that brings a profound experience to every sip.

Designer: PAPLUS

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There are many plant-derived synthetic resins available today, but the most popular among them is PLA or polylactic acid, a thermoplastic derived from the lactic acid of fermented corn starch and sugar cane juice, among other natural sources. PAPLUS is a new type of thermoplastic resin that mixes biodegradable paper to add the heat resistance, durability, and moldability that normal PLA lacks. And from this innovative material, this earth-friendly tumbler is born.

Unlike the artificial smoothness of plastic, the PAPLUS Tumbler’s use of this environment-friendly material creates a unique texture that can be compared to ceramic or wooden cups. Each sip brings not only a wonderful flavor to your tongue but also an engaging sensation to your lips, elevating the act of drinking to a new level of sensory experience. Thanks to the heat resistance of 120°C, you can enjoy that moment whether your favorite drink is piping-hot cocoa or ice-cold barley tea.

This plastic-free drinking device doesn’t just mimic the sensation of elegant cups, it even looks the part as well. Using black pigments dissolved in harmless urethane, the tumbler achieves a matte black coating on the outside that looks naturally glossy without using blasting methods. The inside retains the PAPLUS’ natural brownish color and texture to yield a distinctive two-tone design. Over time, the color does become uneven and fade from use, revealing the individuality of the owner through the unique wear patterns that set it apart from each and every tumbler.

This tumbler’s commitment to protecting the environment extends to its packaging, made from 100% recycled paper from old newspapers and magazines. And, when it finally reaches the end of its service, the biodegradable tumbler can be treated as burnable waste or, better yet, recycled for a different purpose. With this elegant earth-friendly tumbler, each drink becomes not only a toast to memories but also a toast to the planet’s longer life.

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