Meet the World’s First Terrarium that also works as a Tabletop Air-Purifier and Humidifier

While we’re taught that trees and forests are responsible for the bulk of the oxygen we breathe, nearly 30% of atmospheric oxygen comes from the humble moss –  a small, non-vascular plant found in damp or shady environments. Dubbed as nature’s greatest asset, moss is tiny yet incredibly effective at cleansing the air of toxins, increasing the air’s oxygen concentration, eliminating dust particles, and generating negative ions that are beneficial for human health. Dismissed as that green ‘gunk’ growing on tree barks and along parts of sidewalks, moss deserves much more credit than it gets… and now nature’s own air purifier finds itself in our homes thanks to Moss Air – a tabletop terrarium that uses living moss to purify the air we breathe, while also humidifying it.

Designer: Yoonsang Kim of Mosslab

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Moss Air combines nature and technology into a small tabletop purifier that’s as visually charming as it’s innovative. The front facade of the purifier features a living moss wall that constantly cleanses the air you breathe by trapping toxins, enriching it with oxygen, and eliminating dust and organic compounds. Behind this ‘living wall’ is the Moss Air’s water chamber, which feeds its humidifier. The humidifier turns the air into a delicate mist that interacts with the moss wall, creating a natural hourglass that’s just a pleasure to watch. Humidified air makes its way out of the top of the Moss Air, thanks to an outlet that you can either keep open, or close if you don’t want to run the humidifier function.

Moss, Green Lung of the Earth – Found in deep forests and greenery across the globe, this interesting plant has over 12,000 species and is known for its incredible capabilities.

Moss Air’s moss panel filters out fine dust and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing a fresher and greener living environment.

Why Moss? It removes fine dust particles and has an incredible capacity to convert CO2 into oxygen much more efficiently than most types of trees.

Unlike most air purifiers that use HEPA filters, activated charcoal blocks, and UV chambers, the Moss Air taps into the most effective air purifier there is – nature. Moss Air’s moss filter is actually made up of living plants that are capable of surviving without being watered for months (so you don’t need to worry about having a green thumb). Quite like having a plant that you really don’t need to care about, the moss sustains itself, similar to a terrarium that can stay active without human intervention. Aside from being incredibly resilient, moss also does a much better job of oxygen production than most plants hundreds of times its size. Responsible for 30% of the world’s oxygen, you require only a small amount of moss to reduce atmospheric CO2 than actual trees. In fact, a 307 square meter patch of moss can remove an entire ton of atmospheric CO2 per year, as opposed to 3144 square meters of oak trees. Even though the Moss Air contains just a small patch of the plant, it’s enough to boost your living room’s oxygen levels, reduce the CO2 from ‘stale air’, trap dust, neutralize chemicals and VOCs, and release negative ions that help our body the way a walk in the park does. Moreover, the moss lends a certain ‘forest-y’ smell to your living space, bringing the outdoors to you.

The panel of moss sits encased within a rather alluring zen-worthy chamber. Equipped with an LED backlight that gives the entire tabletop purifier a wonderful ambient character, the Moss Air provides joy on a multi-sensorial level. It’s beautiful to look at, imparts a wonderful smell, and has your skin feeling great thanks to the humidifier built into the device.

The magnetic ball at the top of Moss Air acts as a mechanism for mode switching. Simply roll the magnetic ball across the top of the device to open and close the humidifier hole.

Humidifier Mode – Ball in rest position.

Terrarium Mode – Ball covering humidity opening.

The Moss Air can be used in two modes – a Terrarium Mode and a Humidifier Mode. A magnetized ball-bearing on top lets you switch between modes, providing an interactive element that adds to the product’s ‘joy quotient’. In Terrarium Mode, the metal ball blocks the Moss Air’s humidifier outlet, allowing the purifier to generate mist within itself. The mist helps enrich and hydrate the moss, keeping it alive and healthy. Flip the ball over and the Moss Air enters Humidifier Mode, and the mist emanates into your room, humidifying your air and preventing your skin and hair from feeling dry. The humidified air also has added benefits, like helping alleviate allergies and respiratory problems, fighting germs, easing sinus problems, and even reducing snoring caused by a dry throat.

Maintenance is a ‘breeze’ with the Moss Air. In Terrarium Mode, the misted ‘breeze’ created within the inner chamber keeps the moss alive without any external effort. If you’ve kept your Moss Air device turned off for too long, all you need to do is either switch it on or spritz the moss with a spray bottle filled with water. The moss can survive half a year without being watered, and when introduced to water, it comes back to life. The folks at Mosslab claim that a healthy moss panel can survive for up to 30 years, outliving pretty much any other house plant you might have with 1% of the effort!

The Moss Filter panel is super simple to change if needed. Simply press the two side tabs in, pop out, and press the new one in place until it clicks.

Each Moss Air also comes with a 400ml water chamber at the back, which can easily be refilled by simply running under a tap. The water in the chamber lasts for up to 10 hours, and a paper filter helps purify the water before it’s converted into vapor. Depending on the quality of your tap water, the paper filter can need replacing every 3-6 months, once you see signs of browning on the white paper. The moss panel itself can be replaced too, simply by plugging it out and swapping a new moss panel in. A built-in battery allows the Moss Air to run for 8 hours on a full charge, and a USB-C port lets you use your regular smartphone/gadget charger to recharge the Moss Air’s battery.

With up to 8 hours of battery life, Moss Air can be moved around the home with you.

Bring Nature with Moss

The Moss Air pretty much ticks all the boxes. It combines terra and technology wonderfully, giving you a tabletop appliance that’s compact, functional, easy to maintain, and gorgeous to look at. The moss looks almost like a forest observed from the top, with the plant’s tiny stems looking like individual coniferous trees. The LED mood light just brings an added appeal to it, allowing you to admire it even at night, and when used in the terrarium mode, the humid mist looks like the morning fog that envelops the forest every day as the sun rises! Aside from humidifying and purifying the air we breathe, the Moss Air also purifies on an emotional level by bringing us close to nature. Its zen design has an incredibly calming effect, making it much more enriching and endearing than any humidifier you’ve ever seen. Starting at just $79, the Moss Air is a perfect addition to your work table, kitchen counter, mantelpiece, or even your bookshelf, making for the most gorgeous book-end ever!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off). Raised over $550,000.