Explore the unexplored in the adventure-driven, all-terrain ALD09 camping trailer

Arguably, the traditional image of camping and outdoor exploration is in a relay of evolution, and Georgia-based ROC Trailers is sharing the baton. To that accord, the outdoorsy company has launched its new ALD09 trailer. This innovative camping trailer isn’t just another addition to the market; it represents a leap in eco-friendly, electric vehicle-compatible camping.

Bucking the trend of conventional trailers, the ALD09 replaces old aluminum-skinned wooden structures with an insulated fiberglass-composite design exuding a luxury yacht appearance. The choice of material, ROC shares, not only amplifies strength and durability but significantly reduces the trailer’s weight, facilitating a lighter footprint on outdoor expeditions.

Designer: ROC Trailers

Engineered particularly for rugged off-road escapades, the ALD09 boasts a robust steel frame construction, all-terrain tires with 16-inch steel wheels, and a 2000lb axle-less independent suspension granting an impressive 20-inch ground clearance. Such fortitude promises a journey through diverse terrains without compromising on stability or comfort.

Emphasized by its lighter construction, and a gross weight as low as 2,000 pounds (907 kg), the trailer is extremely flexible in how and with what sort of vehicle you choose to tow it. That said, the interior reflects a classic teardrop-style layout featuring a queen-size mattress, LED lighting, and USB ports. For added space, a shelf next to the foot of the bed transforms into a sleeping platform and is ideal for tucking in a child or a furry friend. This assortment expands the sleeper capacity, without the rooftop tent, which is an optional setting to increase the headroom and provide more ventilation.

The galley is where the trailer’s heart rests. Here, an efficient kitchen setup includes drawers, cabinets, and an optional sink. To address the challenge of limited space, ROC spreads equipment around, providing a tongue box with a fridge, and a side table ideal for holding a portable stove – all integrated into a flat, tailgate you can flip-open for a satisfying culinary experience on the road.

To make the ALD09 ready for elongated stays in the wilderness, its kitchen is equipped with a 57-liter water tank. The trailer can be retrofitted with a 100-watt solar panel and a 10A Voyager solar controller if required. Starting at a modest $16,999 without the add-ons; if you factor in its lightweight construction and spacious interior, the ROC ALD09 is a modern trailer with environmental responsibility at the back of its mind.