This autonomous robot scouts unfriendly terrain for dangerous land mines in warzone and post-conflict regions

Wars bring with them massive destruction on the battlefield but the implications beyond wartime can be equally devastating in terms of mental, psychological and physical damage. The ongoing strangling in two of the most important regions in the world is a clear example of how conflicts can have devastating aftermaths. Land mines have long been one of the worst nemesis of post-war calamities, rendering fertile lands too risky to be cultivated.

Searching for these fatal buried hazards can be an arduous task even for the most potent military units and that’s where robotic land mine detectors make the task easier. This takes all the risk of human life away and also ensures the particular area of land is safely ridden of destructive land mines laid down by battling units in the past.

Designer: Subin Kim and JiHoon Park

Meet the Warden mine detector proposed as a concept design that safely takes care of identifying potential land mines and marks the area with red paint to keep everyone safe. This creates a quarantined zone for residents and outsiders about the potential threats. Working autonomously to scout any kind of terrain, the smart robotic minesweeper is connected to the cloud at all times to send the real-time data of identified mines, so that they can be updated in relevant online maps and public resources.

Looking like a rover moving forward on unknown lands, this robot has a high ride height to move swiftly on rocky terrain. The machine is loaded with advanced sensors and a surprising mowing attachment to remove any standing grass or weed. This makes the marked area visible even in the dark hours of the day. When not autonomous, the minesweeper robot can also be controlled by a soldier during wartime scouting.

Two-wheeled autonomous robots are designed to keep your premises secure

Having a human patrol the premises that you want to protect is probably the most common security protocol. However, it is still not fool proof and is prone to error and may cost you a lot if you pay an agency or the security personnel directly. Installing security cameras is also another option but can also be expensive. So if you’re going to spend a lot, why not spend it on a robot?

Designer: Ascento

A Zurich-based company has come up with the Ascento Guard, a robot that can patrol your premises autonomously but with more features than your surveillance system. It is a two-wheeled guard that is able to spot intruders, check on doors and windows, monitor the premises, and record property lights. Once it detects an unusual incident, it sends an alarm so a human can go to the area and do what needs to be done. So yes, human intervention is still needed.

The robot comes with thermal and infrared cameras to record and detect incidents, speakers, a microphone, and GPS tracking. It can run at speeds of up to 5 km/hour if fully charged. It has two large wheels and a robot-looking body that seems to have eyes that can stare into your soul. It is equipped with a fall recovery feature so that it can easily move around all kinds of areas and terrains. It can also weather any kind of, well, weather as it is water proof.

As mentioned earlier, there is still a human element needed in case of an incident. So don’t worry that robots like these will eventually replace actual guards. But it is an alternative or a supplement to your security system if needed. I’m still scared that things like these will eventually become our overlords but hopefully companies like these have thought of ways to make sure that the robot uprising will not happen anytime soon.

With 3D Pool Mapping and 165W Suction, this Autonomous Pool Cleaner is an Absolute Must-Have

Think of the BlueNexus as the Roomba of the water. Unlike human pool cleaners, the BlueNexus actually enters your pool, scrubbing, suctioning, and purifying every inch itself. It performs a 3D scan of your pool first, so it can plot the most effective cleaning path, and then it gets to work, cleaning the pool floor, walls, and even steps without scuffing or scratching your pool’s walls.

Designer: Sublue Design

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Designed by the folks at Sublue, the BlueNexus may be their first underwater robot vacuum, but it isn’t their first rodeo with submersible tech. The award-winning California-based startups has two other successful Kickstarter projects under their belt, namely the WhiteShark series of underwater sea-scooters. Designed less for entertainment and more for maintenance, the BlueNexus is Sublue’s third campaign, and perhaps its most advanced yet.

By comparison, designing an underwater sea-scooter is a lot easier than a submersible autonomous pool cleaner. The latter comes with a lot of bells and whistles, including 3D mapping technology, autonomous driving, vertical ascent, and just the ability to be an effective vacuum cleaner that doesn’t just remove debris, it scrubs algae off all surfaces an cleans the waterline too. The BlueNexus does all of that regardless of your pool’s shape, or the tiling material. It works on regular, curved, inclined, and even stepped pools, performing a comprehensive 3D scan using Sublue’s proprietary Geoguru navigation system to know what design it’s working with, before plotting the most effective cleaning path to get started.

Getting started is as easy as lowering the BlueNexus into the water and hitting a button on your smartphone app. The pool-cleaning robot features two units, the submersible vacuum bot itself, and a floating connectivity hub that allows it to communicate with your smartphone, tablet, etc. Once instructed, the BlueNexus gets to work, meticulously covering every inch of your pool. The 165W suction motor is enough to clean leaves, pebbles, and any other debris that may find its way into your pool, while a rotating scrubber also gently dislodges algae or anything else that’s stuck to your pool floor or walls. The folks at Sublue designed the BlueNexus to be compatible with a wide range of pool materials, going from the conventional concrete and mosaic tile to even vinyl lining, Pebble Tec, fiberglass, and PVC foil.

Geoguru – Equipped with 12+ sensors for flawless obstacle detection and pool wall protection.

The Geoguru mapping and navigation system is arguably the BlueNexus’ secret sauce. Relying on 12+ sensors (ultrasonic tech, infrared lasers, and advanced SLAM to name a few), the robot can map its way around the pool, detect obstacles, and even walls to make sure they don’t accidentally get scratched while cleaning. The Geoguru algorithm helps the BlueNexus be much more efficient too, making it clean 8x quicker than conventional pool cleaners. Couple that with the built-in 3.5-hour battery and the BlueNexus easily cruises through most pools without requiring a secondary charge.

Multiple Cleaning Mode – Adapts to any pool shape for a comprehensive clean, all controlled effortlessly with one touch.

The pool-cleaning robot comes with 5 different modes to choose from, including smart cleaning, floor cleaning, wall and waterline cleaning, all-round cleaning, and a remote control cleaning mode that allows you to control it through the app. Regardless of the mode you pick, when the BlueNexus is done cleaning, or when its battery runs low, it automatically ascends the pool wall, making it easy to fish out without needing to get into the pool. A large 4.5L inner chamber holds all the dirt that the BlueNexus cleaned out, and can easily be detached, emptied, and hosed down before being reinstalled.

The BlueNexus is compact, cordless, and is built like a rock. The lithium batteries encased within the pool cleaner are secured remarkably well, ensuring that water never seeps in. As far as software goes, Sublue guarantees improvements to the BlueNexus via OTA updates. Starting at $649 for early bird backers, the BlueNexus ships globally starting October 2023, and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $649 $1,199 ($550 off). Hurry, only 260/300 left. Raised over $230,000.