This mini washing machine is perfect for avid travelers and house on wheels fanatics

The nomadic lifestyle made popular by trending RVs, tiny house on wheels and trailers has prompted travelers to fancy accessories and appliances that are portable. The same goes for people who have to travel frequently for business meetings or family vacations.

Having a portable washing machine comes in very handy on such trips and there are plenty out there to choose from. However, finding the one that is practical, safe for the environment and does the task of cleaning as intended is hard to find. That’s where this concept piques my interest profoundly.

Designer: PQP Design

The convenient little washing machine is a perfect washer for apartments, condos, motor homes, RVs, camping and any other place that doesn’t particularly permit the use of a full-sized washing machine. The freedom of washing clothes whenever and wherever you want is of value especially when you cannot afford to use a limitless amount of water for the task.

The foldable and lightweight form factor of the appliance makes it well-suited to carry in your suitcase or even a backpack. The Mini Foldable Washing Machine uses the unique technology of sending out vibrations to remove dirt effectively without wasting water or using much electricity. It works on stored electricity in the on-board battery that can be charged via the USB-C connector.

Since the waster tub size is smaller than conventional washing machines, this one is suited for light clothes, towels, and undergarments. Don’t expect to wash any bulky clothing items like down jackets or heavy sweaters in this portable washer. Apart from this limitation, the mini washing machine is perfect for bachelors, travelers and people who live a minimalistic lifestyle.