This bioethanol brass fireplace brings light and joy with an enchanting and safe fire

Lamps are not an uncommon sight in homes, ranging from big chandeliers to small desk lamps. Regardless of their size or design, they all serve the same purpose of not only bringing light but also adding to an area’s ambiance. Given the setting for most of these lamps, it’s really no surprise that the majority of them use electricity for safety and efficiency. There is, however, a certain charm to watching a dancing fire that can brighten up your surroundings while also offering warmth and comfort. Lighting a fire indoors is, of course, an unwise and dangerous thing to do for many reasons, unless you have this one-of-a-kind brass box that lets enjoy a small yet enchanting flame, whether outdoors or indoors, and never have to worry about the dangerous fumes you might inhale.


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Although there’s no getting away from the fact that fire burns, fireplaces that use gas or fuel bring their own set of risks, mostly from the smoke, odors, and fumes they produce. Fortunately, there is such a fuel called bioethanol, which is ethanol or ethyl alcohol made from plant-based raw materials, so it doesn’t produce dangerous monoxide while it fuels the flame. That’s exactly the kind of fuel this distinctive fireplace uses, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. While the fuel is a marvel of science, the fireplace itself is a work of art.

Brasscene, a portmanteau of “brass” and “scene,” brings a beautiful bioethanol fireplace whose origin sounds so far removed from the rest of its kind. More than just metalwork, the craftsmanship that goes into forming this eye-catching vessel is the same expertise that’s used in making musical instruments like trumpets and horns. The same precision machining, brazing, and polishing techniques that make these beautiful products are employed to create an equally enchanting accessory for your home.

The brass bioethanol fireplace’s luxurious exterior adds glamour anywhere you put the box-shaped lamp, whether on a dining table or on a patio. Its stainless steel tank in the middle provides a safe receptacle for the bioethanol fuel that you simply pour inside and light up. It’s as simple as that, no complicated setup required. Glass barriers keep the flame from dancing too wildly, always making it go up, while a matching brass lid is all you need to extinguish the fire by covering the tank. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

The choice of brass material is genius and creative, as it develops its own unique appearance as it ages, giving it a character that grows old with you. The end result is a beautifully hand-crafted design that can already bring joy and delight just from its presence. And, once the flames start to dance, you will be dazzled by the natural play of light, shadows, and reflections, creating a unique atmosphere that no electric lamp or LED bulb can ever reproduce.

Click Here to Buy Now: $203 $239 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!