Industrial design influenced music player impresses with transparent body shell

For audiophiles the craving to hear the smallest little detail can lead to purchases that otherwise might seem pointless to normal music listeners. In times dominated by wireless audio solutions, a wired solution seems pre-historic but it does deliver superior audio. That’s why you can still find enthusiasts yearning for Sony, Shanling, FiiO, Astell & Kern or iBasso.

This Cyberpunkish MP3 music player concept is designed for geeky audio listeners who love to own gadgets that are a league apart. The transparent aesthetics expose all the hardware inside, letting you connect with the intricacies of the micro equipment like none other. This holds merit in a space where all the high-resolution MP3 players follow a predictable design language.

Designer: Alex Casabò

The interface of the music player induces elements of the famous Winamp player that ruled every geeks personal computer way back in the late 2000s. That’s mixed perfectly with the diffused amber LED lighting reminiscent of the Cyberpunk world. Use of metal inserts in X-shape to the bottom front section enhance its industrial appeal. While the designer doesn’t detail-in about the reinsertable part on the top behind the screen, I assume it’s the memory storage that can be connected to your PC for easy data transfer.

The Device is functional with a pair of AA batteries or can be charged up with the USB-C connector. To ensure seamless connectivity with you DAC’s or other audio equipment, there are ports on the left side. The whole design bears a raw industrial look – right from the menu buttons to the volume toggle buttons. There’s no clarity about the audio formats supported by the gadget – all we know is it atleast comes with plug-and-play MP3 support.

Off-grid camping will not be ordinary again with this carbon fiber and Kevlar body camper truck that sleeps four

Storyteller Overland has long been reckoned for its unwavering commitment to designing all-terrain camper vans that can tackle the wildest of terrains. The Alabama-based company is now taking a leap into uncharted territory in partnership with its latest acquisition, the Global Expedition Vehicles. The result is a mesmerizing off-grid heavy-duty camper truck dubbed the GXV Hilt.

It is a camper designed to take you deeper into the wild than you’ve ever ventured before, all while providing a level of comfort and confidence that feels almost surreal. The Hilt is not any average off-road vehicle; it’s a game-changer with a hydraulic smart suspension system, carbon fiber and Kevlar body, and an energy system to keep you away in the wild for much longer.

Designer: Storyteller Overland

The Hilt comes with a smart hydraulic suspension by LiquidSpring, which ensures that no matter how treacherous the terrain, your journey remains smooth and controlled. But what actually makes the Hilt stand out is its construction. Made from a vacuum-infused resin composite with carbon fiber and Kevlar, this off-road camper truck is made to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Powering this beast is a 6.7-liter diesel-powered Ram 5500 chassis that provides the backbone for all off-grid exploration. And for those moments when you need a little extra muscle, a 20,000 lb winch stands ready for self-recovery. But Hilt is not a wild maniac alone; it has its own commitment to sustainability. To that accord, it comes with a 1325W solar power system with two 3000W inverters and a 16.8 kWh lithium-ion battery to let you live in the wild for longer without compromise. All the essential electric systems are monitored and controlled by a touchscreen unit onboard.

Robust on the outside, the Hilt transports you into a spa-like oasis as you step inside. The interior of the Hilt is a fusion of modern, sustainable materials and has surfaces that elevate your living experience. The custom rear racks and storage system ensure that you have ample space to stow your gear, while the dinette cum living area comfortably seats four to five adults on an L-shaped sofa that quickly converts into a queen bed when needed.

The sitting area can be utilized for eating home-cooked meals, playing card games, or lounging in comfort after a day filled with adventures. With a stainless steel convection oven, microwave, air fryer, dual burner induction cooktop, countertop with large sink, and a built-in water purification system, the kitchen alongside is micro-sized but immensely equipped. The Hilt doesn’t hold back on comforts in the bathroom department either. The generously sized wet bath offers 120 gallons of freshwater tank, a shower, flushable cassette toilet, mirror, and a sink.


However, when it’s time to retire for the night, you will have to climb a short ladder to the loft with a queen bed awaiting your arrival. The space is outfitted with power outlets and a wireless charging station next to the mattress, while natural light from the skylight and side windows fills the area with warmth. If the commitment to functionality and toughness on the road has got you inclined toward the GVX Hilt, you may want to act instantly. The off-grid camper truck is currently selling for a strictly limited price of roughly $400,000, but this is not the final retail price.