LG gram Pro laptops bring AI chops to lightweight computers, still over 1kg

Some brands stick around whether the original meaning of the name no longer makes sense. Products associated with those brands still carry some expectation, whether it’s a certain flavor, a particular quality, or just some trait that’s passed like DNA from generation to generation. That’s definitely the case with the LG gram, the consumer electronics giant’s line of laptops initially boasting weights of less than a kilo. It didn’t really take long before physics and market dynamics pushed those laptops beyond the 1,000-gram mark, while still trying hard to maintain their thin and stylish bodies. Fortunately, the added weight also adds some value, as the new gram Pro laptop and 2-in-1 try to prove with a lot of power and some AI special sauce that’s quite the hot trend these days.

Designer: LG

To be fair, it’s difficult to keep a laptop impossibly slim while still packing enough power to handle everyday workloads, especially as work becomes more demanding and hardware gets stronger to keep up. Manufacturers are forced to choose between performance, which includes cooling systems, and design, and most tend to pick the former. In that context, it’s actually quite commendable that LG is able to stick to the spirit of its original gram design, even if none of the laptops today weigh less than a kilo.

The 2024 LG gram Pro line at least makes the weight worthwhile, at least for computer users who are heavily dependent on AI-powered tasks. These laptops are equipped with the latest Intel Boost, the chipmaker’s neural processing unit or NPU that can handle heavy AI workloads without depending on cloud-based services. This results in faster results and more privacy since everything happens on the device and can work without an Internet connection.

This year’s LG gram Pro generation still combines the best specs you can find in a laptop, including Intel’s Core Ultra processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 graphics, a combo that will be killing it when it comes to creative digital work as well as games. This will make things quite hot, which could affect performance in the long run. A dual cooling system is LG’s answer to this problem and the fact that it could squeeze that solution into a thin laptop definitely deserves some praise.

In addition to the standard 16-inch and 17-inch LG gram Pro laptops, the line welcomes a new 16-inch LG gram Pro 2-in-1 that can fold over into a tablet, complete with a touch screen and wireless pen. Both models sport minimalist aesthetics that exude a character of elegance and style that belies the power they carry inside. That same design language is also available in non-Pro gram laptops that have smaller 14-inch and 15-inch options.

Solar-powered coffee truck concept runs on green fuel to bring black fuel anywhere

They say money makes the world go round, but coffee is probably just as critical for some people. Connoisseurs will undoubtedly tell anyone willing to listen to brew their own cup, but not everyone has the luxury of doing that daily. If you don’t know of a local shop you can call your home away from home, you’d probably be at the mercy of the big, expensive chains that put more sugar than you’re going to be comfortable with. Establishing a fixed store in a nook or building isn’t going to be cheap for some businesses, and it also means not being able to reach customers where they are. Coffee trucks can solve the problem of portability, but this concept design takes that idea even further by having the whole operation run on solar power, potentially bringing that coffee experience anywhere, even away from the grid.

Designer: Kyrolos Maged

Although you can see them almost everywhere, big chain stores like Starbucks won’t always please everyone. Some simply don’t like their selection or the way they do business. Others simply prefer to patronize smaller businesses to help them grow and thrive. Either way, the majority of these stores force you to go to their location, which is not a problem unless there isn’t one nearby. It would definitely be great if the coffee could come to where the people are rather than the other way around, which is what coffee trucks are trying to do.

Although they are a viable business model, such mobile coffee dispensing stores have a few logistic issues to iron out, specifically one of power. Sure, you can run the machines on the same battery that drives the truck, but it also risks you running out of fuel when you need it the most. And with some vehicles turning to electric power, such a power source might no longer be feasible. This unnamed concept thus turns toward an ever-present source, at least during the time when people are most likely to chug their black or brown fuel.

The solar-powered coffee truck is exactly as it sounds, an operation that runs on solar energy rather than fuel or car batteries. There’s a single large solar panel on top of the truck, but it’s easy enough to extend the design to have multiple panels on the “wings” that fold out from the sides of the truck. This way, the energy needs of the coffee machines and the truck itself are kept separate and you don’t have to worry about one eating into the reserves of the other.

The design of the truck itself is pretty standard, with sliding tables to let customers put down their cups for a while or enjoy some sandwiches that the mobile cafe might offer. What’s interesting, however, is the idea that the coffee truck would offer all sorts of coffee, including those from capsule machines. It’s a good way to diversify and hit many types of customers while also ensuring the speed of service, though pure-blood coffee lovers might turn their noses up at such a thought.

Bring The Sunlight Into Your Homes Even Through The Night

Don’t get enough sunlight at home to grow your plants? This one is for you! In the ever-evolving world of smart technology, there’s a new contender that’s set to revolutionize the way we care for our indoor plants – Equinox. More than just a grow light, Equinox is a meticulously designed product that mimics the natural orbit of the sun, ensuring your pet plants receive the optimal light they need for robust growth and vitality.

Designer: Yechan Choi (Yekki)

Equinox takes its inspiration from the celestial dance of the sun around the Earth, specifically designed to replicate the sun’s position in the sky. The name itself, Equinox, signifies the time when day and night are of equal length, a crucial period in the natural world. This smart grow light is engineered to provide your plants with the same quality and intensity of light they would receive outdoors.

One of the standout features of Equinox is its ability to provide light at the same angle as the sun. This is achieved through a sophisticated system of LEDs that move in calculated angles over time. By utilizing sunrise and sunset time data, Equinox ensures that your plants receive the right spectrum of light throughout the day, promoting photosynthesis and fostering healthy growth.

Equinox goes beyond traditional grow lights by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology. With built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, you can effortlessly control the brightness and color temperature of the lights using a dedicated app on your smartphone. The app allows for easy customization, ensuring that your plants receive the perfect amount of light at any given time.

Adding an extra layer of convenience, physical dials on the Equinox device itself offer a tactile and intuitive way to adjust settings. This combination of high-tech connectivity and user-friendly controls makes Equinox accessible to all, from seasoned plant enthusiasts to those new to indoor gardening.

Equinox recognizes that your plants have different needs during the day and night. During the daytime, you can simulate the vibrancy of the outdoors with bright, clear light that encourages active photosynthesis. As night falls, you have the option to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for both you and your plants by switching to warmer-colored light.

This adaptability ensures that your indoor space remains both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with Equinox seamlessly integrating into your daily routine. Equinox not only benefits your plants but also contributes to a more sustainable future. By providing the right amount of light precisely when needed, it minimizes energy waste, making it an eco-friendly choice for conscientious consumers.

Equinox is more than just a grow light; it’s a technological marvel that brings the beauty and precision of nature into your home. From its celestial design to its intelligent programming and user-friendly controls, Equinox sets a new standard for indoor plant care. Embrace the future of gardening with Equinox, and watch your plants thrive under its nurturing light.

xTool Screen Printer reinvents screen printing with laser engraving to bring designs to life

There has been a massive flood of new designs from makers, creators, and even hobbyists, all thanks to new tools that have made production processes simpler, easier, and more affordable. There are, however, some designs that are still difficult to pull off, like those that need to be painted on flat surfaces or clothing. The screen printing process for these kinds of designs has traditionally been tedious, expensive, and error-prone, making the activity less enjoyable and less approachable for beginners and hobbyists. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Thanks to a combination of creative design and expertise in laser engraving technologies, this revolutionary screen printing system lets you cut down the time and steps needed to make your wildest print dreams come true.

Designer: xTool Design

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Screen printing can be quite frustrating, even if you exclude the variability that might result when you don’t spread the inks properly near the end of the process. Just the preparation itself can take hours or even days, involving emulsions and exposures that could go awry at any step, forcing you to go through the grueling process again, wasting not just time but also money. If only there was a way to make screen printing easier and more beginner-friendly, just like how 3D printing opened the creative floodgates, especially for budding designers. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the new xTool Screen Printer is bringing to the table, combining an easy-to-use screen printer with laser engraving to deliver the speed and precision creators have always wished for.

While the traditional screen printing process would usually take days just to prepare the screen and make plates, the xTool Screen Printer requires 1-3 hours only on average to create the screen. With its two-sided coated screen using customized professional-grade spray net technology and industrial-level spraying equipment, you practically skip the lengthy emulsion preparation time. Reducing the waiting time is already a huge boost in productivity, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll still need to actually actually put your design on the screen, which is where xTool’s expertise with laser technologies comes in.

When paired with the xTool S1 diode laser cutter or the xTool D1 Pro 5W laser engraver, you can rapidly create stencils at a mind-blowing speed. No longer do you have to worry about printing on transparencies or hoping that the designs are properly imprinted on the screen, both of which could also fail at any time. And thanks to the xTool Creative Space software, you have even more freedom to transfer complex digital designs to your stencils, ensuring that the final print will be just as stunning as your original idea. So while you can use other laser engravers as well, you’re definitely in the best hands with xTool’s industry-tested products.


Stencil creation is reduced from approx. 24 hours to about an hour – at laser speed!

There’s no escaping the act of applying ink to the pattern in order to print it on paper or textiles, but the xTool Screen Printer makes this process easier and worry-free. The EasyStretch Frame ensures a uniform stretch, while an intuitive press design makes short work of swapping screens, minimizing ink spillage, and supporting different materials, including metals and wood. And it doesn’t cost much to get started, with a $199 Early Bird Basic Kit that includes the printing press, one 11.5×16-inch frame, three 11.5×16-inch screens, and other essentials. The $369 Early Bird Multi-Color Kit includes 4 frames and 12 screens to enable you to work with more colors and layers. And if you want to get the laser engravers in one go, you can opt for the $499 or the $1,968 Early Bird bundles for the xTool D1 Pro 5W or the xTool S1 20W, respectively.


Groundbreaking EasyStretch designs simplifies the screen stretching process to an amazing 30 seconds!


The quick-release frame clamp structure facilitates swift stencil switching for seamless creation multi-color masterpieces

Whether you’re a seasoned designer establishing your own brand, a budding creator who wants to spread your ideas to the masses, or a hobbyist who crafts personalized gifts for family and friends, the xTool Screen Printer reinvents and revolutionizes the screen printing process, removing the tedious and bothersome tasks so you can focus instead on letting your creativity shine.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $399 ($200 off). Hurry, 103/400 left! Raised over $450,000.