The Câpsula Tiny Homes Are Small But Mighty Helping You Live Large With Less

Dubbed Câpsula, this tiny homes concept by architecture studio i29 was launched at Dutch Design Week 2023. It is a series of prefabricated cabins and tiny homes that provide simplicity and design-led thinking. Although the project is small-scale, the plans and ambitions for it are pretty huge. The main intention behind the project is to encourage slow living and form the perfect cabin architecture, with few excellent options.

Designer: i29

The series of prefabricated cabins and tiny homes basically includes three iterations: Soft Lodge, Writer’s Block Hut, and Tiny Holiday Home. The various versions allow you to pick a home that can fit your particular needs, uses, and wants. The cabins follow the style of minimalist architecture, but this does not entail a cold or boring aesthetic, in fact, the various homes are classy and imbibed with depth and meaning. Timber was utilized as the main material, as well as natural textures and colors.

The tiny homes can accommodate a family of four, and they’re equipped with a living room, kitchen/dining area, a patio, bedrooms, and a bathroom. Although the homes are small with a minimum footprint, they offer top-notch amenities and feel pretty spacious. Each volume has its own special program and has a pretty distinctive size and height. They are accentuated with large windows and sliding doors, to allow a serene indoor-outdoor connection, creating a home that provides stunning vistas and a touch of fresh air. The homes may be small but they are mighty!

The Soft Lodge and Writer’s Block Hut prototypes were built for the Dutch Design Week 2023, and they will be displayed in the garden of DOMUSDELA, where visitors can experience the homes for themselves. In fact, the Writer’s Block Hut will be utilized. podcast broadcast, wherein creatives can discuss their work process, and relationship to space. According to i29, the Câpsula project is all about “living large with less”, and the concept is intended to grow as businesses do. Although these initial designs are by i29, in the future, there will be more opportunities for designers and architects to collaborate with the company, and create interesting builds.