mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 15 revives long-forgotten battery case design

Power banks might be so common and boring these days, but there was a time when people thought they were more trouble than they were worth. Having to fumble around for a battery pack and cable to quickly plug in a phone may sound like too much of a hassle, so mophie, one of the oldest players in this game, came up with an alternative solution a long, long time ago. The battery case was the answer to that problem, making the iPhone “wear” its extra battery at all times. That design, however, hasn’t been seen for years, making you think battery cases have gone extinct. That was almost the case, pardon the pun, until the recent announcement that the mophie Juice Pack is making a comeback, but apparently only for three out of four iPhone 15 models.

Designer: mophie (ZAGG)

When you first hear about it, battery cases sound like the best of both worlds. You get an extra battery to make sure your phone never runs empty, but you also don’t have to juggle with a separate pack like with a normal power bank. That’s theoretically true until you realize just how much that extra power will cost you in other aspects. Especially when you consider that batteries from five years ago were pretty thick despite having low capacities.

With significant improvements in this area, mophie thought it was time to bring its juice pack back to life, offering a battery case for the current generation of iPhones. The basic concept remains the same, with the battery “hiding” inside the sizable case that wraps around the iPhone like a very thick bumper. Of course, it also functions as a protective case, so that rugged and bulky appearance isn’t without its merits.

Like in previous iterations of the juice pack, there are LED dots on the back to indicate just how much charge the case has left. It also supports passthrough USB-C charging, so you don’t have to worry about having to remove the case just to charge the iPhone itself. That said, given the thickness that the battery adds to the back, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that it also prevents any sort of MagSafe functionality from working.

The mophie Juice Packs will go for $99.95 for all three iPhone models, though there are different capacities, starting at 2,400 mAh. The iPhone 15 Plus is notably missing from the list, apparently because mophie didn’t want to waste resources on a model that isn’t even selling well. Then again, it remains to be seen how many iPhone users will be willing to bulk up their phones and lose MagSafe compatibility at the same time just for the convenience of not having to plug in a power bank.

Galaxy Flip case with a built-in foldable tripod can transform your phone into the perfect camcorder

I had literally forgotten about camcorders; I don’t even rightly remember the last time I used one. Since cameras on the smartphones have outdone handycams and reached near DSLR efficacy – at least with high-end models – there’s been a drastic slump in everyday usage of camcorders. Whether you want to capture family moments at home, record landscapes, or timelapse a sunset, mobile cameras are friendlier and convenient for doing it all. Chiefly because we have a smartphone on us 24/7 and an additional device is not necessary for taking pictures or recording videos.

This is why 90 Degree Instinct was an instant reminder for the moments of truth I have had with a Sony camcorder I now have lying dead in the vault. This guy is not another camcorder or a stark reminder for anyone like me that they existed. This is perhaps a utility accessory for anyone who loves capturing moments with their smartphone – especially the Samsung Galaxy Flip.

Designer: Ugly Duckling

Essentially a case for the Galaxy Flip foldable smartphone; the idea is to help home chefs, influencers, and everyday social media buffs to shoot more professional videos by transforming the smartphone into a capable camcorder. The designer has particularly chosen the foldable Samsung phone for his experimental case concept because when the Flip is placed at a “90 degrees” angle, “it resembles the shape of a… small camcorder.”

By transforming the ordinary Flip into a camcorder, user can maximize its usability for capturing videos. The case offers the phone a camcorder-esque grip for better handling, and integrates a tripod inside, to present exceptional stability without additional accessories.

The added weight of the case may be a point of contention for those who prefer a sleek device, but if you can bear the bulk – which of course is way lesser than towing a portable tripod along – you can be rest assured that the 90 Degre Instinct will not compromise portability of the phone despite the additional functions.

Designed in a range of colors, the solid case comes with point-and-shoot buttons and a tripod mount on one side, and a foldable tripod embedded on the top. The foldable tripod hinge is robust and stands out with its metallic look against the granite appearance otherwise. With the given features and their functionality, I’m impressed! Perhaps I don’t have a Flip, but if you do, you should expect the case to see the light of day.

This compostable iPhone case can be potted to grow plants and flowers

Although smartphone manufacturers design their phones to be durable and resilient, a lot of owners still fret over the safety of their expensive purchases. Phone cases are a dime a dozen, but while that might be good for variety and choice, it’s terrible for the planet. These accessories are almost all made from some form of plastic or another, and they get discarded left and right the moment they become discolored or damaged. Very few manufacturers pay close attention to this aspect because of how protective cases have to be made cheap and plenty. Fortunately, there is a number that does take that responsibility quite seriously, producing this revolutionary iPhone case that you can plant in the soil after it has reached its end of life to watch it grow into new life as plants and flowers.

Designer: iGreen

There’s no rule that phone cases have to be made from plastic or plastic-like materials, they just happen to be cheap, durable, and long-lasting. They’re not immortal, of course, and once cases break or get discolored over time, they’re completely useless and have to be thrown out. That’s not even considering perfectly usable cases that are disposed of simply because they are no longer attractive or match the owner’s interests. Some manufacturers do have programs for recycling the plastics in these cases to make new cases, but iGreen Gadgets actually has an even more creative use for these discarded accessories.

For starters, the case is 100% compostable, so it will decay and dissolve into the earth when buried. The material is based on cornstarch, a very common biodegradable substance that’s also used in many plastic alternatives. Even the powder used to produce colors is also naturally based. Despite its completely biodegradable nature, the cases still provide the necessary protection your iPhone needs to survive accidents and avoid an early retirement in landfills.

The difference from other bioplastic cases is that each iGreen Cover case contains living seeds protected by a special water-soluble film inside the cover. Once the case has served its purpose, you simply have to plant it in a pot at a 30-degree angle with the inside of the cover facing up. You cover it with soil while leaving the upper half of the case exposed, water it, and expose it to sunlight, and within a few weeks, you will be able to witness your phone case transforming into plants.

Different case colors hold different kinds of seeds. Green will grow basil, yellow for daisies, and light blue for Forget-me-nots. The case itself, specifically the cornstarch, contains everything the seeds need to survive inside the case and then grow once planted. The plants that grow won’t be that practical. The flowers are mostly decorative, though basil can probably be used for cooking. Still, it’s a rather ingenious and creative way to reuse a product that’s often discarded mindlessly, turning a planet-killer into a plant-grower.

Spigen’s AirPods Pro 2 Case gives it a See-Through-Effect and MagSafe Capabilities

Don’t go out and buy a Beats Studio Buds + just yet because Spigen’s new AirPods Pro 2 case gives it a similar transparent design. The protective case guards your AirPods from accidental bumps and falls, while also giving it a few details of its own in the form of a carabiner clip, and built-in magnets that allow the AirPods Pro 2 case to snap onto Apple’s MagSafe charger. However, the one highlight is the case’s transparent graphic that outlines all the AirPods’ internal parts from the screws and PCBs, to the chipset and even the wireless charging coil at the back.

Designer: Spigen

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These transparent Ultra Hybrid Zero One covers for the AirPods Pro 2 follow Spigen’s foray into transparent cases for the iPhone too, inspired directly by the gorgeous iMac G3 designs from the good old days. The covers ultimately provide a layer of Spigen-backed physical protection to the AirPods case, shielding it from bumps and scratches thanks to an impact-resistant PolyCarbonate (PC) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) build. The cover fits snugly around the case, with air-pockets around the corners to help provide an added layer of cushioning. The AirPods case’s lanyard hole is left exposed for you to use, although the other side has a slot for a carabiner clip to slide in.

Perhaps the most alluring thing about the Zero One covers is their eye-catching graphics. Following the transparency trend that’s been taking the tech and gaming world by storm, the Zero One cases have a faux transparent graphic on them too, outlining all of the AirPods Pro 2’s inner components. Obviously, it isn’t all accurate (I assume Apple’s lawyers would ensure that), but it makes a pretty strong insinuation. If you’re looking for a truly transparent AirPods Pro 2 case, we know a guy…

The case is designed to be compatible with older AirPods Pro 2 versions with the lightning port as well as new variants with the USB-C port in their base. It even has a transparent window for the AirPods case’s built-in status LED, allowing you to see the charging, battery, and connection status of your TWS earbuds.

Flip the case over and your eye will notice six cleverly placed Phillips-head screws in the graphic. These screws aren’t really indicative of the AirPods case’s construction but rather are strategic markings for the Zero One cover’s built-in magnets. Designed to be compatible with Apple’s MagSafe charger, the magnets allow your AirPods case to snap right in place, charging almost instantaneously.

The cover comes with its own carabiner clip, which you can either remove, or use as a means to loop your AirPods Pro 2 to your bag, pant, or jacket. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero Union cover for the AirPods Pro 2 starts at $44.99 on Spigen’s own site, although it’s available for a sizeable discount on Spigen’s Amazon storefront.

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KeyBudz Element adds IP68 waterproofing and Military-grade protection to your AirPods Pro 2 case

AirPods Pro 2 stands amongst one of the best premium ANC earbuds out there, especially for the closely knit Apple ecosystem. They excel in fit, comfort and adaptive active noise cancellation algorithm, along with the stellar audio quality signature that I most like because of its closeness to the Harman Curve.

For people who love the AirPods Pro 2 because of its impressive features but are a bit disappointed when it comes to water and dustproofing, there’s an option. Those who carry their earbuds during adventure trips or are doing tough jobs in difficult terrain have no reason to fret.

Designer: KeyBudz

An AirPods Pro 2 case cover that enhances the earbuds with an IP68 rating for better water and dustproofing. It provides a very high level of protection from the elements as you can keep it submerged in water for up to 6 hours and protect it from a highly dusty environment without fail. Dubbed Element Waterproof Case, this accessory boasts military-grade MIL standards for shock resistance from accidental falls. In fact, the protective case is tested with the MIL standard MIL-STD-810H. So you don’t need to worry if your AirPods case hits the tarmac hard after a drop.

The lightweight and durable aesthetics of the case come courtesy of the A6063 aluminum alloy with an anodized finish, silicone and the use of 70% recycled polycarbonate materials. The case lid locks in place with the side-mounted latch, and the hinges facilitate smooth opening and closing of the lid with a secure locking mechanism. The internal lining of the case gets IonPure antibacterial treatment to prevent any chance of micro-organism and bacterial growth.

Pairing a new device with your AirPods is also going to be easy with the Elements case as the back buttons are designed for easy press. Also, it doesn’t interfere in any way with the wireless charging capability of the accessory. For now, the accessory will be available in Japan, and availability in other parts of the globe can be expected by the holiday season.

This Award-Winning Foldable Microwave Oven Concept Turns into a Portable Carry Case

You’ve got portable grills, induction cookers, and portable stoves, but there’s no portable version of the microwave. Most microwaves today are heavy, bulky, and aren’t designed to be carried around… but what if they were? Designer Park Saun created the Foldwave concept to show what a portable microwave could look like. With a collapsible design that turns into a portable carry case when not in use, the Foldwave gives you the option of being able to carry your microwave around. Use it at home from one room to another, carry it to work, or even to a picnic. The collapsible design makes it easier to carry on your shoulders… and if you’re wondering whether portable microwaves are even feasible as a concept, a Japanese company developed the world’s first battery-powered microwave this year!

Designer: Park Saun

The Foldwave’s innovation, as a concept, lies primarily in the way it goes from cube-shaped to compact. The sides of the microwave buckle inwards, allowing the top and the bottom elements to join together into a smaller, more manageable carrying volume. A handle on the top makes it easy to carry the Foldwave around with you, and using the Foldwave is as simple as opening the door in front, adding your food, and turning the knob on top to run the appliance.

Even though conceptual, it’s important to really address how this technology would be feasible in the long run. Microwaves are usually sealed shut to prevent radiation leakage, and it’s important that the Foldwave keeps that in consideration too. As far as the components go, the microwave magnetron sits on the top, while the rotating platform can be found at the bottom. One would assume that the high-voltage transformer sit right at the top with the magnetron, powering the device, while a battery unit could be potentially stored at the bottom, allowing the microwave to balance its components and weight out while still being bottom-heavy enough to stay stable when open.

The Foldwave is a winner of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept for the year 2023.

The Cooler Master Sneaker X PC case is now a fully-fledged gaming rig

Cooler Master is getting extra creative with its case designs lately, and it’s all thanks to mods. Back in February 2022, we reported on a Cooler Master case shaped like a giant shoe that was initially invented by a modder named JMDF during Cooler Master’s 2020 Case Mod World Series competition. At some point along the way, Cooler Master decided to lean fully into the sneaker aesthetic – and now we have Sneaker X, a fully-fledged Mini-ITX gaming desktop that represents the inevitable logical endpoint of designing computers to look like footwear.

Designer: JMDF and Steve Chiang (via Cooler Master)

Cooler Master’s design ethos is made clear in its official Sneaker X video, where it’s shown just how intricate this truly ridiculous-looking desktop needs to be in order to function. The interior is packed with components that look difficult to keep cool given how little airflow is allowed to exist between them. However, an exposed side-vent plus the open roof of the chassis (which unfortunately doesn’t provide enough room for an actual human foot) both likely help heat rise out of the computer’s internal components. There’s also a complex-looking integrated AIO water cooling system connected to a single RGB intake fan on the right side of the case. Yes, you read that correctly: there’s only one visible case fan in the entire build.

The Sneaker X comes in two models, with a few shared technical specifications between them. Every Sneaker X ships with a custom Z790 ITX mobo containing 32 gigs of DDR5 RAM (which, according to an Amazon listing, runs at a base clock of 5600Mhz), a 2TB PCEe 4.0 NVME storage drive, an Intel Core i7-13700K CPU, and the proprietary Master Liquid PL360 Flux “Sneaker Edition” cooling system, all powered by a Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold PSU.

That all sounds great on paper, but for a base price of $3499, the Sneaker X is probably not every PC gamer’s first choice. The base model includes a Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 with 12GB of VRAM, whereas the $3799 edition bumps that GeForce RTX 4070 up to a far more powerful GeForce RTX 4070 Ti. You can now buy either PC from Cooler Master’s website to make your sneaker collection a little more high-tech.

Top 10 PC case designs that will uplift your interiors

As a longtime PC gamer, I regularly spend tens of hours scanning Newegg for information on PC components, designing “dream” PC builds, and thirsting over unique components. But the most satisfying part of the process (for me, at least) has always been choosing the PC case.

PC cases are arguably the most important part of any build for a number of reasons. On one hand, your PC case’s form factor determines the number – and potentially, the size and quality of – components like GPUs, storage drives, and cooling components that can be slotted into a given build. Likewise, even if you select a poorly designed case that’s rated for the form factor you want, at a minimum, it can still look bad in your room. Bells and whistles aside, a low-quality case may not be able to properly seat your internal components or provide enough cooling to keep them stable at high temperatures.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to come up with this curated list of well-designed PC cases built with high-quality materials that span a wide range of aesthetic layouts and form factors. Whether you’re looking for a compact Mini-ITX build that sits elegantly in a minimalist workspace, or you want to go all-out with a full-sized gaming tower adorned with RGB lighting, or even if you want the internal components of your PC to speak for themselves – I’ve got you covered.

1. LIAN LI O11 Dynamic EVO

The LIAN LI O11 Dynamic Evo’s best quality is right there in the title: dynamism. This versatile mid-tower chassis features tempered glass front and side panels that provide form and function, allowing for easy airflow while showing off your internal components.

Why is it noteworthy?

The O11 Dynamic Evo is an inexpensive all-rounder from a reliable manufacturer that not only looks sleek, but also has a great built-in dual-panel cable management system and plenty of space for storage and cooling options. This is a great choice for PC gamers who want to vertically mount a large GPU like an Nvidia 4070 Ti and add liquid cooling to the mix without breaking the bank on a full tower.

What we like

  • Tons of space for fans and radiators without busting into full tower territory
  • Beautiful tempered glass design

What we dislike

  • Limited dust filtration system on bottom
  • Tight fit in the back when a larger PSU is installed

2. Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact

I love the modern design of the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact, which looks like it’d fit just as well in a gaming room as it would in a fancy office suite. The front mesh panel is its most defining feature at first glance, but it’s extremely well-ventilated and the tempered glass side panel is great to show off your PC’s internals.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Meshify 2 Compact is a mid-tower case that sits comfortably in basically any room due to its sleek yet minimalist black mesh design. It doesn’t break the bank either, which is great, provided that it features a decent amount of room for cooling and storage options. This is optimal for a mid-tier PC gaming or workstation build that balances aesthetic design with functionality, just as long as you’re not relying on flashy RGB lights to make it look good – you’ll have to provide those yourself, or spend extra for the comparatively expensive Meshify 2 Compact RGB.

What we like

  • Clean and stylish construction
  • Great natural airflow

What we dislike

  • No integrated RGB – unless you shell out for the premium Compact RGB version

3. SilverStone Lucid LD03-AF

Sometimes you just want to build a tiny PC that looks cool and runs well, without taking too much desk space or attracting eyes away from the rest of your room or office. The SilverStone Lucid LD03-AF is a Mini-ITX chassis designed to fill that exact niche.

Why is it noteworthy?

SilverStone has managed to produce a Mini-ITX case that looks kitschy and artsy thanks to its unique vertical shape and tempered glass panels, fitting snugly in any room it sits in. And yet, it still affords enough space to fit an entire gaming rig with a modern GPU. That should all be easy to set up, thanks to the LD03-AF’s array of detachable panels.

What we like

  • Compact and easy to customize
  • Decently spacious for a Mini-ITX

What we dislike

  • Expensive for what it offers

4. Thermaltake Core P3 Pro

The Thermaltake Core P3 TG Pro is for enthusiasts who want to showcase their internal components first and foremost. It uses an open frame chassis that unleashes the full creativity of a PC build.

Why is it noteworthy?

This chassis strikes the perfect balance between a sturdy foundation with strong build materials and plenty of mounts for cooling and storage options, and an open layout that lets you show off the creativity of an intricate PC build. This is the one to get if you’re a gamer who has invested in a sophisticated water cooling or lighting system, and you truly want it to take center stage in your gaming room.

What we like

  • Gorgeous open frame design using tempered glass
  • A mind-boggling number of customization options

What we dislike

  • Open frame design means you need to create a DIY solution to keep your internals protected from the environment

5. NZXT H7 Flow

The NZXT H7 Flow mid-tower case is a strong contender for PC gamers who want a decent balance between customization and cooling.

Why is it noteworthy?

NZXT cases are both durable and visually appealing, and the H7 Flow is one of the slickest-looking cases you can buy in the mid-tower range. Unlike its H710i cousin, it features mesh top and front panels for improved cooling, and does away with some of the built-in RGB options. But it’s also a bit more affordable, and it offers plenty of support for cable management.

What we like

  • Sleek and spacious mesh and tempered glass design
  • Excellent cable management support
  • Comes in a variety of colors

What we dislike

6. NZXT H710i

I couldn’t talk about the NZXT H7 Flow without also mentioning the NZXT H710i. This isn’t just a strong contender, it also happens to be the case I currently own (and which houses the PC I’m writing this article from!)

Why is it noteworthy?

The H710i is a premium alternative to the H7 Flow which trades the former’s mesh panels for solid covers with side vents, making for a more refined and unique aesthetic without skimping on airflow. More importantly, it comes packed in with an RGB lighting strip and a smart device that controls lighting across the build.

What we like

  • Excellent mix of sturdy construction, great airflow, high customizability, and aesthetic style
  • Built-in RGB options and lighting presets make it visually exciting out of the box

What we dislike

  • A little expensive compared to similar options

7. Fractal Design North

Fractal Design has a great track record for coming up with innovative PC cases. Fractal Design’s North represents an organic approach to PC chassis design, featuring wooden slat panels and natural colors that fit in a conservatory just as easily as it fits in a gaming room.

Why is it noteworthy?

Whereas most modern PC cases use a mix of black and white steel, mesh, and tempered glass, North vies for organic browns and subtle whites that make it more aesthetically pleasing when surrounded by wooden furniture. Not only that; it also comes with plenty of space to fit cooling, storage, and other modern internal components.

What we like

  • Gorgeous wooden front panels and steel chassis
  • Spacious interior

What we dislike

  • No integrated RGB
  • Some users complain about airflow issues

8. Fractal Design Terra

A compact alternative to the Fractal Design North is the Fractal Design Terra, a gorgeous Mini-ITX case that would fit perfectly in a room with plenty of natural light and organic elements.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Fractal Design Terra Jade edition comes with a unique compact layout that mixes earthy greens and browns, making it fit in an office or gaming room designed with those same natural hues in mind. It also boasts enough space to fit a modern GPU up to 322 nm in length, like an NVIDIA RTX 4070.

What we like

  • Beautiful organic design with a wooden front panel and green steel chassis
  • Spacious interior for a Mini-ITX

What we dislike

  • Expensive for a Mini-ITX
  • No side windows to showcase internals

9. Corsair Obsidian 1000D

The Corsair Obsidian 1000D is a full tower gaming chassis fitted with tons of RGB lights and a gorgeous tempered glass design, perfect for enthusiast gamers looking to go all out with their build.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Obsidian 1000D is the ultimate full tower case for PC gamers, as it’s packed on all sides with gorgeous RGB-equipped fans. Thanks to built-in control software, these are easy to set up. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece for any gaming room, its durable black steel and tempered glass chassis ensure it’s sturdy enough to handle any build imaginable.

What we like

  • It’s built like a tank
  • The integrated RGB system is breathtaking

What we dislike

  • Expensive at a roughly $525 MSRP

10. NZXT H1 V2

The NZXT H1 V2 is a Mini-ITX chassis that looks like a NZXT H7 Flow sliced in half.

Why is it noteworthy?

It comes with a number of systems already built in, such as a 750w 80 Plus Gold PSU and 140mm all-in-one liquid cooling system. It also accommodates a number of options for GPUs.

What we like

  • Compact, vertical design fits easily on any desk
  • Plenty of built-in components make installation easier

What we dislike

  • Expensive if you only want the case
  • Not quite as customizable as other options; you’re left at the mercy of packed-in internal component quality

This Leather iPhone 15 Pro Case + Wallet is perfect for those who don’t want Apple’s FineWoven cases

FineWoven is great for the environment, but the folks at The Verge have some pretty nasty stuff to say about its overall quality. It looks good for precisely a day, and then starts fraying, gathering scratches, getting dirty, and becoming quite the eyesore. FineWoven may have a lower impact on the environment on face value, but it doesn’t last as long or look as good as leather – so if you’re bummed out that Apple’s discontinued making leather cases for their iPhones, don’t worry… Mujjo hasn’t.

The Full Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 15 Pro is everything your smartphone needs to look great while staying protected. The case comes clad in premium European leather tanned in the Netherlands, with remarkable grain and a choice between black, brown, and blue finishes. A machined metal rim around the camera protects your precious lenses, while a polycarbonate inner structure with a microfiber interior lining keeps your phone protected from bumps and scratches. Moreover, each Wallet Case comes with a slot stitched into the back that holds two cards that you can easily fish out whenever you need… and unlike MagSafe, the wallet doesn’t accidentally detach while you pull your phone out of your pocket.

Designer: Mujjo

Mujjo’s leather cases complement the iPhone beautifully. They use the highest-quality leather and are tanned using a special DriTan process that doesn’t use any water whatsoever, bringing down the leather’s carbon footprint drastically. Moreover, Mujjo’s cases are built to last, and patina beautifully over time, so you’re less likely to swap them out after a year or two.

The cases feature a 3D leather wrap around a polycarbonate inner frame. The camera bump as well as the buttons on the case are made from recycled metal, and the phone features a luxurious Japanese microfiber lining on the inside that ensures your iPhone 15 Pro’s glass back doesn’t get scratched. The cases are even MagSafe compatible, which means you can snap Apple’s MagSafe charger onto the back and have it juice your iPhone’s battery. You’ll have to remove the cards, though.

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

Mujjo’s cases don’t just protect your phone, they respect their aesthetic too. The cases come made from the highest-quality leather (Gold Rated by the Leather Working Group) while also ensuring the leather is processed adhering to strict environmental standards, sans the use of harsh chemicals. Moreover, unlike Apple’s FineWoven which shows signs of wear and tear within days of use, Mujjo backs its case with a 2-year warranty against craftsmanship/manufacturing defects. The leather case adorns the iPhone beautifully, and patinas with time, gathering even more character as the leather ages. Mujjo’s Full Leather Wallet Case is designed to be compatible with the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max with a price range of $54 to $64 depending on the model and size.

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate iPhone 15 Case Review: Versatility and Protection in One


  • Air-filled Bumpers offer almost total protection from bumps and falls
  • MagSafe-compatible O-Ring provides a versatile kickstand and holder
  • Slim and lightweight design maintains the iPhone 15’s elegance


  • O-Ring doesn’t rotate to support arbitrary positions or angles
  • Only available for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models




The TORRAS UPRO Ostand’s air-filled bumpers protect your iPhone from every angle, and a MagSafe-compatible O-ring works as both a holder as well as a kickstand. Apple invented MagSafe. TORRAS perfected it.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect with each other, retrieve information, and even create and record memories. We bring our phones with us everywhere, even in some places or circumstances that would be precarious for the electronic device. Apple’s latest event played up that “wonderlust” and presented the iPhone 15 series as the perfect companion for your life’s journeys, especially when it comes time to snap up photos or record videos for posterity. Bringing along a naked iPhone to your many adventures, however, might not be the smartest and most efficient move, especially when not if accidents happen. Just in time for the release of the iPhone 15, TORRAS launched new cases designed to be just as adventurous as the new iPhones, so we take it for a bumpy ride to see if the new UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate can truly turn the iPhone 15 into your faithful companion through life’s up and, most especially, downs.

Designer: TORRAS

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.99 $49.99 (20% off with coupon code “202yanko”). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!


With so many cases for smartphones littering the market today, you might almost be tempted to give the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate a pass. Your opinion will quickly change, however, the moment you behold the case, and especially after you’ve put it on your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. Depending on the color variant, the case is mostly clear or has a frosted surface that still lets the iPhone’s elegant colors shine through. The Gray case’s clear surface is perfect for the iPhone 15’s Natural or White Titanium colorways, but there are also Black and Blue options to cover the entire iPhone 15 lineup. Either way, your iPhone 15 doesn’t need to sacrifice its elegant colors just so that it can be protected.

You might, however, notice that the edges of the case have a different color and are slightly raised as if bulging a bit. This isn’t just some pointless embellishment and actually serves one of the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate’s most important functions, which we’ll get to later. Unfortunately, its color, which is mostly light gray, easily stands out from the rest of the case’s edges because of the color contrast. Some might find it visually disconcerting while others might not mind it so much. It could become a problem, however, with other iPhone 15 color options, like RED or future variants. It would have been nice if you could swap out these bumpers for different colors, but that could also reduce the case’s durability in the process.

The other visual detail that stands out is the ring on the back of the case. Thanks to many MagSafe-compatible accessories, the presence of this ring is no longer alien, even though Apple itself doesn’t mark the area on its iPhones. Thankfully, the ring, which is formally called the O-Ring, sits flush on the surface of the case, so it doesn’t cause the phone to wobble when placed on a table, nor will it snag in your pants pocket or other things in your bag. All in all, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS has a rather minimalist design, both visually and physically, except for those bumpers and that ring that serve important purposes that give the case its selling points.


Despite knowing the risks of dropping an expensive iPhone, many people are reluctant to put them in protective cases. These iPhones are, after all, beautiful unclothed and are meant to be slim and comfortable to hold. Most of the fears stem from making the iPhone look like it’s going to war, which is fortunately not the case with this UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate.

In addition to being visually simple and minimalist, the case is also space-efficient and lightweight. It delivers 92% protection against disastrous falls, but instead of simply wrapping the phone in thick layers of material, TORRAS employs innovative technologies that keep the case as slim as possible. The result is that it doesn’t add too much bulk to an already large iPhone 15 Pro or even bigger iPhone 15 Pro Max, nor does it add more burden to your hand when holding it.

In fact, the UPRO Ostand SS improves the iPhone 15’s ergonomics by giving your hand a non-slipper surface to grip. There’s also that O-Ring that folds out of the case, transforming into a holder for your finger to keep the phone steady, whether you’re simply watching videos or taking photos and selfies. The latter is a very important use case for both the new iPhone 15 and this UPRO Ostand SS, giving you the freedom and the confidence to shoot anywhere, knowing that the phone is secure in your hand. And unlike the typical rings that you stick to the back of your phone, the O-Ring folds flat when not in use, hiding in plain sight until it’s needed once more.


Right out of the packaging, you can already tell that the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate is not your average case. The contrasting color of the embossed edges immediately call your attention, but these aren’t just for show. Their unique form is actually the case’s main selling point, being air-filled bumpers that protect your phone from drops and shocks, especially when it drops on one of its corners or edges, which is the most common place for this kind of accident.

For this innovation, TORRAS took inspiration from car airbags that protect you from accidents. When the iPhone accidentally drops on its corner or side, the air-filled thermoplastic polyurethane not only absorbs the force of the impact but actually bounces it off, preventing the shock from being transferred to the rest of your phone, which is the most common cause of cracked screens. These bumpers give the phone 360-degree military-grade impact protection that can absorb up to 98% of the shock.

But while protection is its main purpose, that isn’t the only talent that the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate has, which you can probably discern from its name. It features TORRAS’s unique O-Ring, a ring grip and stand combination that’s built right into the case and, more importantly, doesn’t stick out of it. You simply fold it out and you’re ready to go, standing the iPhone 15 on any flat surface or holding the phone in your hand with support for your finger. You can stand the iPhone vertically or horizontally depending on your use case, and the O-Ring will be able to support it. Unfortunately, the position of the ring itself is fixed in its position, unlike the Ostand R cases where the O-Ring can rotate 360 degrees. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it would have been nice to have to increase the case’s versatility.

That O-Ring has a third function in addition to grip and stand thanks to its use of a Halbach array of magnets. These strong magnets let you stick the phone to any MagSafe stand or holder, like those for cars or bedside tables. Alternatively, you can also stick the iPhone 15 to any metallic surface, from refrigerator or car doors to metal poles and walls. You no longer need to worry about not having a selfie stick or tripod when you can set up the iPhone at a distance anywhere. And, of course, the case lets you charge with MagSafe without having to remove the case. Apple may have introduced the universal USB-C connector for the iPhone 15 series, but those who have tasted MagSafe will probably never go back to cables if they can help it.


The UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate for the iPhone 15 Pro is stylish, durable, and versatile, but the list of its strengths doesn’t end there. When it comes to sustainability, it also has an edge over other smartphone cases. Sure, it has its fair share of plastics, rubber, and other environment-unfriendly materials, but its use of thermoplastic polyurethane for its headlining feature scores in its favor. It has also committed to nurturing one tree in the Brazil Atlantic Forest for every three cases sold. If TORRAS could start using recycled plastics or lay out a more definite sustainability strategy, it would definitely take the lead in this market.

Where the case does shine is in its durability, which is to say that it’s made to last a really long time. It is, after all, designed to protect the iPhone 15 it holds, so it is also quite resilient itself. It won’t last forever, of course, and the case’s surface might tarnish and show discoloration over time. It would have been nice if the bumpers could be replaced independently of the rest of the case or vice versa, but TORRAS probably had to prioritize the product’s structural integrity over that kind of modularity.


There are countless smartphone cases in the market today, especially for something as popular as Apple iPhones. With the launch of the iPhone 15 series, there’s bound to be even more, as proven by the flood of announcements following Apple’s event last week. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of cases that promise the same things but deliver in different ways, sometimes not at all. The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate for the iPhone 15 Pro sets itself apart from the crowd by delivering not only protection for your precious new iPhone but also confidence and peace of mind.

The Ostand SS ShieldMate frees you from worries about accidents when bringing your iPhone 15 along for the ride in your outdoor adventures, globe-trotting, and other activities. It also allows you to hold the phone securely in your hand, whether for enjoying content or creating it, even letting you stick it to walls, poles, and surfaces to make it easier to take group selfies or do hands-free live streaming. The UPRO Ostand SS is definitely a great deal, but that only applies if you own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. Unfortunately, the cases aren’t available for the non-Pro models, but TORRAS has a plethora of other options that offer protection as well as the versatility of the O-Ring for a wide range of iPhones.


Smartphones have reached a point where they’ve become more than just gadgets but also important companions in our lives. The iPhone 15, with its enhanced photography prowess and upgraded hardware, offers one of if not the best tools for making life more enjoyable and more memorable. Its stylish designs, now in titanium, give it the expected Apple elegance that you wouldn’t want to cover up with a tank-like case, regardless of how much protection it offers.

Fortunately, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate is here to check all the right boxes and then some. While Apple’s absolutely dropped the ball on MagSafe, the folks at TORRAS thankfully are taking the magnetic ring to new heights. The UPRO Ostand is a unique iPhone case that doesn’t just protect your phone, it gives it superpowers. The Ostand’s air-filled bumpers protect your iPhone from every angle, and a MagSafe-compatible O-ring works as both a holder as well as a kickstand. Apple invented MagSafe. TORRAS perfected it.

Sarang Sheth contributed to this review.

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