BLUETTI’s wide catalog of Power Stations at CES 2024 make it an Absolute Must-Have for 2024

As the tech world descended upon Las Vegas for CES 2024, BLUETTI, a name synonymous with portable power solutions, has once again set the gold standard with its latest offerings designed for recreation, emergencies, work, and overall energy independence. From the versatile SwapSolar system to the rugged AC240 power station, BLUETTI’s lineup this year is nothing short of a power-packed promise for both adventurers and home users. We visited the BLUETTI booth to speak to their Director of Portable Power Systems, Phillip Fischer. Phillip explained to us what BLUETTI’s been achieving in the past year, what are the new exciting products they’re debuting at CES, and why portable power stations should be on everyone’s wishlist for 2024.

Designer: BLUETTI

If you’re still one of those power-station skeptics in the year 2024, Phillip has some rather sage advice to give you. Sure, the average power station user is the outdoorsy type, using it to provide energy to camping sites, RVs, and other outdoor excursions/activities… but what BLUETTI’s power stations also do is provide aid and assistance during emergency power cuts. Whether it’s one of their larger devices, or even the small portable ones, BLUETTI’s power stations can be potential life-savers when the power runs out. The same power station can play multiple roles, whether it’s necessity or leisure… with the added benefit of helping you do things like shift to a solar grid too to help reduce power bills.

Leading the power-station charge at CES this year is the BLUETTI SwapSolar, a dynamic duo comprising the AC180T portable generator and the MultiCooler portable fridge. The AC180T can easily be confused for its sibling, the AC180 – but what really sets it apart is its game-changing hot-swappable battery system. With 1,433Wh capacity, 1,800W output, and 2,700W lifting power, the AC180T features two detachable batteries that can either be used simultaneously, or in a scenario where one battery is removed from the AC180T and placed in the MultiCooler portable fridge. Imagine never running out of power because you can instantly replace depleted batteries with charged ones.

But that’s not all. The MultiCooler is the Swiss Army knife of portable fridges. Acting as a fridge, freezer, and, believe it or not, an ice maker, it redefines the concept of portable cooling. Featuring a 40-liter compartment with temperature control from -20°C to 20°C (-4°F to 68°F), the MultiCooler can chill a staggering 65 cans of soda (or any beverage of your choosing) or keep the sausages frozen for a picnic. It also boasts the ability to make ice from moving water, a feature that Phillip mentioned was “really cool” (pun intended!)

Next up, meet the AC240, BLUETTI’s rugged outdoor companion following the legacy of the AC60. Tailor-made for the wild, this power station is both water-resistant and dust-proof, boasting an impressive IP65 rating. Whether you’re facing a dust storm in the desert or a downpour in the mountains, the AC240 won’t let you down. With a robust 2400W of power output and a 1536Wh LFP battery, it’s built to last. And if you thought that was impressive, the AC240 can expand its capacity to a whopping 10kWh with four B210 expansion batteries. BLUETTI didn’t stop there. They also showcased their revamped portable generators and home storage products, including the AC60P, AC2P, and the modular AC500 and AC300 series.

In the midst of unveiling these technological marvels, BLUETTI also took a moment to highlight its Lighting an African Family (LAAF) program. This initiative underscores BLUETTI’s commitment to social responsibility, bringing sustainable solar energy to African families. With over 100,000 families already impacted, BLUETTI is powering more than devices; it’s powering dreams.