The Nokken NKN-18 Cabin Is The Ultimate Contemporary Dwelling You’ve Been Hunting For

If you’re hunting for a cool cabin to get away and relax in, then you’ve reached the right spot. Cabins are my favorite kind of vacation and for good reason. They allow you to unwind, rest, and get away from the hectic city life. They’re an excellent option to escape to! They’re the perfect safe haven nestled in the midst of nature, providing you a break from your everyday hectic life. And, Nokken has introduced the NKN-18 – a cutting-edge and revolutionary 18 sqm that provides versatility in the form of customizable options and accessories.

Designer: Nokken

The NKN-18 Cabin by Nokken is created for various configurations and features co-branded bespoke designs. The cabin is designed to be a plug-and-play solution that can meet the diverse needs and requirements of people. The exterior of the NKN-18 Cabin is quite functional and adaptable and meant to survive extreme climatic conditions. It is a robust and durable design that features timber cladding, insulated wall build-up, triple-glazed aluclad panels, and a smart lock keyless entry.

The minimal and good-looking Nokken cabin is available in stained larch and other finishes, which allows it to seamlessly blend with its surroundings. It boasts a harmonious Nordic styling which allows for smooth integration with the nature around it. The Nokken cabin is much like a Swiss army knife, as it not only boasts a contemporary and elegant aesthetic, while also providing essential features. The interiors of the NKN-18 cabin are seamless and modern, including the bathrooms which are sleek and timeless, reminiscent of the bathrooms you find in boutique hotels. The bathrooms function as spaces of sanctuary in the home, allowing you to relax and unwind. The NKN-18 cabin is designed to be a peaceful retreat that is ideal for both personal and business use.

The Nokken NKN-18 cabin is available in a diverse range of colorways and setups, so you can pick the setup that perfectly matches your personal taste and preference. There is a perfect fit for every user out there – one that suits the modern requirements of everyone.

A Contemporary Pavilion-Style Home Also Functions As An Art Gallery For The Family’s Art Collection

Dubbed Casa Galeria, this 6458 square feet structure is designed as a gallery concept that functions as a unique space that accommodates their collection of art. Designed by BLOCO Architects, the home features an innovative roof structure supported by five large inverted beams. The beams span the entirety of the 12-meter-wid roof, in turn creating “the gallery”, or the central and main space of the house. The gallery is a multifunctional area with a living room, dining room, balcony, kitchen, and garage.

Designer: BLOCO Architects

The exterior of the house showcases a pattern called Bárbara, which is named after the owner. It includes an array of blue and white tiles, which provide an intriguing contrast to the clean white walls. Whereas, the bathroom tiles are more fun and loud colors such as green, yellow, and orange, with a similar design pattern as the interiors.

The design of the Casa Galeria isn’t simply about functionality and art preservation, it also focuses on the layout of the house. The living spaces are divided by two open linear gardens that add green and biophilic elements to the home. The first garden is located between the solar protection wall and the windows of the central living area. It is located closer to the street, while the second one divides the social space from the bedroom hall.

The interiors of the Casa Galeria are designed by BLOCO Architects and shine a light on the family’s stunning art collection. Neutral materials and colors were opted for, creating a surreal backdrop that elevates the artwork, building a grander impression. Custom tile panels were designed by the Brazilian artist João Henrique, which provides an additional layer of uniqueness and beauty to the space. In an effort to protect the art pieces from the strong Brazilian sun, the architects created a large wall, which is raised from the floor, and supported by pillars. This protects the space while permitting soft natural light to enter through the open garden, creating a peaceful environment. The house also features a brushed gray granite floor in all the rooms, offering a calming and neutral tone to it.

This Beautiful Brazilian Home Is The Sleek, Contemporary & Practical Home You’ve Been Searching For

Nestled in Nova Lima in Minas Gerais is Tetro Arquictectura’s Laguna House. The four-bedroom Brazilian house is amped with a stunning view of a lake, with mountains in the backdrop. It is a sleek and modern abode that perfectly utilizes the views and contours of the property it is located on.

Designer: Tetro Arquitectura

The beautiful Brazilian home is designed by architects Carlos Maia, Débora Mendes, and Igor Macedo, and is elevated on a rectangular core, and supported by a group of tall slender pillars. The lower level is sunken and it holds the three ensuite guest bedrooms, a covered terrace, an outdoor kitchen, and a dining area. While the main living spaces are located above it, with a rectangular concrete slab roof towering over them. The main living spaces correspond with a big square courtyard, and the master bedroom subtly cantilevers over the garden. It also holds a massive and impressive walk-in wardrobe. The kitchen, utility room, and staff accommodation are located in the same row as the bedrooms below. An external covered walkway provides access to them.

The minimalist home includes the main entrance which is built of a series of concrete steps that smoothly follow the contour of the land, leading you up to a covered porch, positioned along a courtyard garden. As you enter through the main entrance, you are welcomed into the main living space, which has an area for seating and dining as well as a kitchen. The home also includes a covered balcony with sliding glass doors that lead to it.

The entire home has a raw yet contemporary feel to it. Raw concrete is teamed up with natural stone and vertical hardwood slats for privacy and sun screening to create an inviting and warm space. Aluminum framed floor-to-ceiling windows mark the entirety of the space. The concrete roof is projecting and helps not only to reduce solar gain but also ensures that the sunlight reaches the interiors only during late afternoon. The home is simple but thoughtfully designed with the private spaces located on the main floor, while the guest bedrooms are kept on the lower level.

Belkin’s Newest 15W 2-in-1 BoostCharge Pro MagSafe Stand Has a Contemporary Look

The iPhone 15-era refresh of Belkin’s 2-in-1 BoostCharge Pro MagSafe charger stand is arriving next week, and (right off the bat) it’s a smooth, stylish mix of contemporary sand (or charcoal) elements complemented by a sort of organic minimalism. In a departure from previous Belkin MagSafe chargers, this compact silicone charging stand incorporates soft, round shapes on both the charger base as well as a new flip-up 15W MagSafe pad. That means it can fit in any modern space, like a living room or a bedroom with a lot of similar organic elements, like stone walls and wooden furniture.

Designer: Belkin (via Apple)

The flip-up design on the top pad allows the Belkin charger to show off the iPhone 15’s screen while StandBy mode is engaged, turning your new iPhone into a piece of room decor like a stationary clock. That same design even lets you adjust the angle of the top pad between 0 and 70 degrees, and of course, you can rotate your iPhone to lay vertically or horizontally on the pad itself while the phone charges.

You can stick your Apple Watch Series 9 (or any other fast-charging Apple Watch, like the Ultra 2) on the second fast-charging pad behind the base, and together the whole thing ends up looking like a really elegant piece of art, adding ambiance rather than sitting around like a high-tech paperweight. Its non-slip base can also help keep it rooted firmly in place during an event such as an earthquake — or an accidental collision between the BoostCharge Pro and a household pet.

Belkin’s new BoostCharge Pro MagSafe chargers for Apple’s newest lineup of iPhone 15s (though iPhone 14s also work with it!) are officially set to release on November 7, alongside the all-new Apple M3 computers announced on October 30. In the box, you’ll find an included 5 ft USB-C cable and 30W USB-C power supply to plug the charger into. You can currently view the new chargers on Apple’s web store, where their $129.95 MSRP is already displayed. It doesn’t seem like either the charcoal or sand colorways are pre-orderable at the moment, though more retail options will become available — including, presumably, from the Belkin store — once the charger officially releases on November 7.

Casa De Mi Luna Is The Perfect Culmination Of Traditional Czech Architecture & Contemporary Interiors

Located on the edge of the Česky Kras nature reserve southwest of Prague is a traditional Czech dwelling with modern interiors. Dubbed the Casa de mi Luna, and designed by architecture practice Studio Circle Growth, the home harmoniously merges with the local vernacular, owing to its classic gable roof and rounded eaves. The interiors of the home are quite modern and lined with pine. It eliminates the traditional compartmentalization found in rural homes and instead opts for open and spacious living areas that feel bright and welcoming.

Designer: Studio Circle Growth 

“When we got the paper with morphological regulations for the area, I thought gee, what a drag, a symmetrical gable roof with a prescribed pitch between 35 to 45 degrees, prescribed length-to-width ratios, prescribed colors, and so on,” said Studio Circle Growth’s founder Martin Zizka.”But then we kind of completely embraced them, especially when we saw the finished symmetrical red gable roof protruding in the landscape amongst the other similar houses, it began to feel right,” he continued.

And truly the interiors of the home are contemporary and chique. They are defined by lightness, openness, and organic organization. The minimal casa is built from prefabricated straw and timber panels that can be easily assembled on-site. The studio tried to utilize as many local materials as possible, and for the exterior used a base of larch planks and lime render above. On the other hand, the roof features traditional tiles called bobrovka.

The inside of the home features an expansive open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area. It is quite cozy with a staircase and a glazed tile-clad fireplace is also included. “The entire central bay of the house is open, allowing the place where it is connected vertically to breathe and bathe in light,” said Zizka. “The staircase thus becomes a central feature which not only connects the two levels but separates the ground floor into distinct yet open and interconnected functional zones,” he concluded. The ground floor also houses internal walls that are finished in white stucco, while the upper level is lined with pine-plywood sheets, that also subtly cover the arched apex of the roof.