SHARGE Icemag Hands-On at CES 2024: A Cool-looking MagSafe Power Bank that Cools your Phone

Touted as the world’s first power-bank with its own turbo-cooling feature, the Icemag power bank keeps itself (and your phone) breezy while charging. An ultra-silent fan moves at speeds of 8000 RPM, actively cooling the battery pack inside while the Icemag wirelessly charges your phone, preventing anything from heating up during the charging process.

Sharge has pretty much solidified its reputation for building some of the most incredible-looking charging equipment of our time. Whether it’s the transparent 170W power bank with its own LED display, or the tiny yet indomitable Flow Mini power bank that’s small enough to blend right into your phone’s design, becoming its dedicated second battery, Sharge’s built a rather wonderful ecosystem of charging gear that’s both powerful and unmistakably eye-catching. The Icemag joins that ecosystem as a first for both Sharge and the world – the 10,000mAh MagSafe battery pack comes with its own active cooling system that pushes hot air out from around the lithium-ion battery, increasing its life and overall efficiency as it charges your phone. It also comes as a rather opportune time, as Apple silently killed its own MagSafe power bank, leaving a void in the marketplace.

Designer: SHARGE

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The Icemag has the same proportions as Apple’s MagSafe power bank, albeit with that aforementioned cooling system and a whopping 10,000mAh battery that charges your entire phone twice over with enough extra juice left to spare for a third charge. It sports Sharge’s unmistakable aesthetic, with a transparent panel on the front that lets you peer into the electronics inside – namely the lithium ion battery, the PCB, and that active cooling system.

The active cooling system kicks in the second the Icemag is connected to a device (whether through MagSafe or via USB-C cable). The tiny fan outputs an impressive 8000 RPM, helping circulate air within the Icemag to keep the battery actively cooled (rather than relying on a metal heat-sink like other charging apparatus). The fan operates at a deadly silent <25dB, and it was practically inaudible in the buzz and chatter of the CES floor. What was noticeable, however, was the RGB lighting around the fan that changed colors as the Icemag juiced your device. It served as a nice visual indicator of the Icemag’s activity, especially given Sharge’s tech-geek and gamer-centric audience.

The compact power bank snaps satisfyingly onto the back of your MagSafe phone, beginning the charging process instantly. An indicator on the side shows exactly how much power the Icemag’s battery still has, while a USB-C port on the base supports both power in as well as out. This means the USB-C port can be used to charge the Icemag itself or can be used to connect the Icemag to another phone to charge it conventionally (without using the MagSafe wireless charging feature). The Icemag supports pass-through charging too, letting you charge it while it wirelessly juices your smartphone, and as far as charging speeds go, the Icemag’s wireless charging coil outputs a maximum 7.5W. If you want to tap into higher speeds, connecting your phone/device via USB-C gives you an output of 20W, charging your gadgets significantly faster for when you’re in a bind.

The Icemag balances its responsibilities of being handy, eye-catching, and functional rather well. It’s compact for its capacity and weighs just 223 grams (7.9 ounces), allowing it to securely attach to the back of your phone without any problems. The 10,000mAh battery is absolutely perfect for people who blow through their phones during the day, giving you an extra battery that can support your phone multiple times. The transparent aesthetic and active cooling system, however, steal the limelight for the gorgeous nerdy-cool aesthetic they give the Icemag. The term nerdy-cool probably gets used literally in this sense because of the Icemag’s ability to keep itself at manageable temperatures as it charges your phone. I dare you to find a MagSafe power bank that’s as gorgeously functional as this one…

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