Gorgeous ‘Japandi’ MagSafe Charger blends into your Table Decor with a Rustic Wood Build

With its simple form factor and dual-shade wood construction, Oakywood’s MagSafe iPhone Stand/Charger has an aesthetic quality similar to the kinds found in Japanese and Scandinavian homes. Fondly known as ‘Japandi’ (an obvious portmanteau of the two words), the design style is characterized by cleanliness and minimalism that eschews materialism and clutter. With its Japandi-inspired style, Oakywood’s MagSafe iPhone Stand adds a touch of rustic beauty to your table, with a design that looks sophisticated but feels familiar thanks to the use of natural materials like Oak and Walnut wood.

Designer: Oakywood

The stand’s two-part design features a powder-coated aluminum base with a wooden ‘tray’ on top. The hefty aluminum base gives the stand its stable design (while also allowing it to function as a paperweight of sorts) while customers have a choice between a light oakwood or dark walnut wood upper, complementing their table setup.

The stand comes with an empty slot that lets you weave your MagSafe charger in. Once put in place, it becomes a nifty magnetic charging dock for your iPhone that you can either use as-is, or detach the MagSafe charger to use as a horizontal charging mat (shown above).

When used in the ‘stand’ mode, it angles your phone at a precise 25°, making it easy to view while also triggering the iPhone’s new Standby Mode – a feature unveiled in the latest iOS 17 update.

If you don’t want to use your Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Stand as a charger, the company sells a magnetic puck that you can slide into the stand, allowing it to work as merely a docking station without the charging facility.

The folks at Oakywood pride themselves in embracing nature as a material and a source for their designs. The use of wood feels antithetical to the metal and glass build of your iPhone, but it brings about a certain warmth to your tabletop, allowing it to become a standard fixture in your workplace. Besides, the entire thing weighs roughly 700 grams (1.5 pounds), making it a rather heavy accessory that doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest.

Oakywood sustainably sources its wood from America and Poland, also pledging to plant one tree for each product sold, thus ensuring a circular economy of sorts that helps reduce the effects of deforestation while turning wood into a renewable resource. You can grab your MagSafe iPhone Stand in three color options – a Light Oak, Dark American Walnut, or a Black Solid Oak that’s the darkest of the lot, matching the powder-coated Aluminum base.