Self-hitching electric travel trailer, Pebble Flow can deploy at the camp at the push of a button

Imagine a travel trailer that’s truly accessible and comfortable for everyone, designed with both beauty and strength in mind. Sunnyvale, California-based Pebble has made this vision a reality with its innovative creation, the Pebble Flow. This travel trailer redefines the RV lifestyle, offering unmatched aerodynamics, eco-friendliness, and technological intricacies not seen before.

Pebble Flow is a stark departure from the ordinary travel trailer; it’s 300 percent more aerodynamic as instead of conforming to the regular rectangular shape, Pebble Flow boasts a flowy and curvy design, akin to a car’s construction. This enhances its aesthetics, provides for a longer towing range, and a safer experience on the road.

Designer: Pebble

Pebble Flow is built using a rigorous automotive manufacturing process, featuring a space-grade aluminum frame construction. The use of lightweight composite and sustainable materials ensures durability and eco-friendliness, making it a trailer build to last.

This robust trailer takes convenience to the next level with its magic hatch, which allows it to sight, align, and hitch itself autonomously. More excitingly, the Pebble App allows the travel trailer to be reversed, parked, or even turned 360 degrees in place, exactly as you desire, without being connected to a tow vehicle.

Pebble Flow runs on solar power generated from its 1kW solar panels, while the onboard 45 kWh LFP battery takes care of the power needs of the appliances so that the trailer can remain off the grid for up to seven days with ease. The travel trailer is even equipped with a 240V AC output that permits it to charge an electric vehicle or another RV, and the regenerative braking system permits the trailer to charge itself while being towed.

The trailer takes automation to the next level with a simple touch mechanism. It can deploy at the camp by unfolding the stairs, turning on the lights, and pitching the awning, and much more at the push of a button. And even fold back up in the same manner when you are ready to move to a new location. All for a starting price of $109,000.

The innovation continues on the inside of the Pebble Flow, which is packed with comfort and versatility. Its panoramic windows offer a breathtaking 270-degree view, and the convertible furniture and clever storage make the most of the available space. The trailer comfortably sleeps four people, with a queen-sized Murphy bed in the rear that converts into an office desk, and a dinette that transforms into a bed when you need it.

The kitchen comes prepped with a removable induction cooktop that can be taken to the outdoors. To keep the inhabitants comfortable indoors, the trailer is provided with a spa-like bathroom and is equipped with a 37-gallon fresh water tank and a combined 50-gallon grey and black tank to cater to extended trips.

This durable bike storage cover is easy to deploy, even easier to pack-up after use

Worried about your bike getting scuffed, scratched and dirty out there in the open, or even indoors? Then you desperately need a storage cover to prevent any more accidental damage. A practical accessory that is easy to store and elegantly protects your two-wheeler without any hassle.

What makes this bike storage cover dubbed Envelope Midi different from other normal bike covers on the market is the ease of folding after use and popping the cover back into the case. In fact, it is very easy to take out and then fold away.

Designer: Envelope

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The lightweight yet durable accessory can protect your ride indoors and outdoors without much fuzz, unlike other covers that you simply use a couple of times and give up on due to the associated annoyance. Midi comes in very handy in the city and on the trails given its durable build crafted from 100 percent recycled material. In the outdoors, it can be used with any lock for security or you can wheel it even when it’s covered. For those who like to stow their bikes in the MUV bed or sedan’s boot, the cover provides maximum protection in transit.

Talking of the indoors, the waterproof accessory is compatible with several bike racks, thereby making it very easy to store in your home interiors without collecting dust. Other than the standard Midi variant, Envelope has another bigger version called Maxi that can accommodate two bicycles at a time. The pop-up cover is well suited for bad weather conditions where you want to have a safe cocoon for your bike.

With the Maxi version, you can simply expand the storage cover to make space for two bikes and tether the cover to a wall or fence. According to the makers, both these variants should fit many different types, shapes and sizes of bikes. Although, if you have made aftermarket modifications like large custom parts or extra wide handlebars they might not fit in.