2024 Bon Voyage Trailer is LG’s foray into designing intelligent life solutions

LG has been a force to reckon with at CES 2024. Especially with the amazing set of TVs it has brought to Vegas. This includes the show-stopper 77-inch wireless, transparent OLED TV that lets you use it as a décor item you can peep beyond, when you’re not enjoying your regular dose of entertainment on it.

Of course, new speakers, TVs and other forms of consumer tech are expected from the South Korean tech company. What is really not a given is a micro-housing solution for adventurers. But that’s what LG Labs, the company’s marketing division for innovative products – has on exhibit at CES in the form of 2024 Bon Voyage camping trailer.

Designer: LG Labs

The Bon Voyage trailer is, frankly then, LG’s foray into designing intelligent life solutions for the masses. This trailer is based on the bigger tiny living solution – with the same name – released back at the Wanderlust Korea 2023. It was a duplex home built with 20sq meter of living space comprising diagonal corridors and ergonomic stairs.

The idea behind creation of the Bon Voyage was to understand the trends in housing culture and to gauge what people wanted. Through the received feedback, LG Labs has now scaled down the Bon Voyage – showing off at CES – into the size of the towable trailer which can be trailed behind your electric vehicle.

Designed as a cozy personal space on the road, the new Bon Voyage trailer is 7 feet high, 6.6 feet wide, and over 12 feet long. In this little space, LG has managed to stuff a range of furniture, storage, and a bed. It makes the living space well-lighted with the use of large glass windows and a side entry.

The basic construction is done with the use of low-carbon steel materials presumably, and it features a flatter roof for limited headspace. With the sleeping space tucked toward the front, the tailgate has a functional kitchen stocked up with an electric stove, water purifier, and refrigerator. From how things appear, there is no bathroom, but we would like to believe LG has a portable toilet and a section for bathing within. The battery-powered Bon Voyage trailer doesn’t have a price or availability going its way at the time of writing, but the battery-powered camping solution, should be apt for off-grid tours with an option solar panel set-up.