Designers envision a stylish face mask to dive right into polluted air

The COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. Some (would be an understatement) almost all of us have given up on face masks and are breathing fresh air. Are we actually? There is a reduced risk of the virus but new subvariants are propping up with time and the air pollution levels, almost everywhere, are crashing past the WHO particulate matter ratings. As a result, high-grade fevers, cough, cold, lung and heart diseases are catching us faster than ever before, and the only instant solution in sight is to put air purifier on our faces that can prevent viruses and polluted air from traveling down our gut.

In an analogy of a post-COVID environ where we must wear a mask for clean air, with equal necessity of a scuba diver for breathing underwater; this capable face mask, modelled after the fish and the functions of the gills, presents a novel solution. Dubbed the Air-Diver, the face mask is designed because β€œin the polluted air, we become a diver;” and a diver is no good without a face mask pumping in oxygen to facilitate breathing.

Designers: Doyoon Kim and seongmin Ha

The Air-Diver is not instinctively doing that; primarily with onboard filters, it is meant to help the wearer breathe in clean, fresh air and help reduce exposure to airborne particulate matter. This electronic mask helps regulate air purification and the supply of clean air depending on the pollution level of the surroundings.

To that accord, it can be used in crowded places or in everyday moments to help filter pollutants. The white mask which seems a rip off of what Darth Vadar might prefer on Earth, it allows the air from outside to be filtered through its external filter. This is then refiltered using a photocatalyst filter and an H1 class HEPA filter inside the mask before it is inhaled.

Through the left and right air intake holes fresh air is available for the user, which can be increased at will with the releasable oxygen capsule (that is inserted into the sides of the mask) for extended usage or in densely polluted spaces while the heat and exhaled carbon dioxide is released through the opening on the front. The air capsules are provided separately. The Air-Diver is designed with an air presser – silicon ribbing – that inflates to adjust the mask and fit snuggly to the face so you are nicely covered and safe for walking into the polluted air.