This Japanese trailer or possible home extension is blank canvas you can shape to your desires

In a captivating unison of innovation and style, reckoned Japanese RV maker, Kworks, has joined forces with Japanese home goods manufacturer Lixil, to birth the Mio Space trailer. This architecturally fascinating trailer rethinks the concept of furnished camping trailers and presents owners with a blank canvas they can furnish to their willingness.

To that accord, Mio Space trailer is a statement of adaptability. Kworks offers it for two possibilities, either it can be used for camping or seamlessly placed to extend the boundaries of your home. As an adaptable trailer, it can thus cater to every day of the year (in your backyard or in the wilderness), with a fascinating design that blurs the line between nature and modern architecture.

Designer: Kworks and Lixil

To start out, the Mio Space trailer captivates with its expansive windows that beckon natural light, complemented by the warm embrace of wooden paneling on the inside and out. The strategic placement of wooden slats from top to bottom not only adds a touch of allure to the interior, it also offers functional spaces to hang furniture, imbuing the trailer with a distinct flexibility.

Arriving in a noticeable rectangular structure, the Mio Space trailer has subtle rounded edges to distinguish its looks. Step inside, and the vast emptiness of the space strikes at first glance. However, Kworks asserts that this deliberate openness embodies a ‘flexible design’ ethos. It allows owners the freedom to shape the space as they desire: whether as a camper’s nest or an additional room that complements one’s home.

While the onus of furnishing the Mio Space trailer falls on its future owners, the clever positioning of slats creates opportunities for storage and a possible kitchen area to make the trailer into a desirable mobile home. If you may, you can pre-order the Mio Space starting summer of 2024. Even though Kworks has kept the features and pricing under wraps for now, we learn Mio Space sales will be confined to Japan, at least initially.