The PlayStation 5 Slim is smaller, lighter, and comes with extra storage

The original PlayStation 5 is the largest PlayStation console on the market. In fact, it’s the largest console, period, at a form factor of 390 mm x 260 mm x 104 mm, or 15.4 inches tall, 10.24 inches deep, and 4.09 inches wide. Designer Yujin Morisawa knew this when he unveiled the original design at the Sony “Future of Gaming” event in 2020, and according to an interview with the Washington Post in November of that same year, he described the large size as a matter of comfort – comparing it to plants, animals, or some other household object.

We loved the original design of the PlayStation 5 and slightly less expensive PlayStation 5 Digital Edition when it was first unveiled in 2020. However, not every gamer was excited to try and fit the relatively oversized console into their entertainment centers, with some needing to make peace with the fact it was probably necessary to fit in the PS5’s next-generation gaming hardware. Today, Sony unveiled a potential solution that retains the beauty of the original design: a newer, slimmer PlayStation 5, which not only looks like a much sleeker version of the OG PS5, but is rated to be about 30% smaller and weigh between 18% to 24% less – depending on whether you go for the PlayStation 5 or the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, respectively.

Designer: Yujin Morisawa (via Sony)

The upcoming PlayStation 5 model will also come with a better storage unit. Originally, the PS5 came with an 825GB NVME SSD, which will now be bumped up to a full 1TB of storage – translating a bit more closely to 800GB of actual, usable storage space for games and media. However, this also comes with a price hike for the Digital Edition, which previously costed around $400, and is now set to be bumped up to an MSRP of $449.99. There is some good news there: all PlayStation 5 Digital Edition owners will finally be able to play optical media on their devices, thanks to a plug-and-play external UHD Blu-ray disc drive that will become available on Sony’s store for $79.99.

All existing PlayStation 5 covers will no longer be compatible with the new devices, but Sony already detailed plans to roll out a new series of external removable covers as well as a new vertical stand, saying, “A variety of PS5 Console Cover colors for the new model will be available starting in early 2024, including an all-matte Black colorway and the Deep Earth Collection colors in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver.”

These newer PlayStation 5 units (which haven’t officially been designated “PlayStation 5 Slim,” but are simply replacing the older models) are set to begin rolling out in November, in time for the upcoming holiday season. The MSRP for the slim PlayStation 5 will remain at $499.99.


This Desk Extender Has It All: Extra Space, Organization, and Wireless Charging

Not all of us are minimalists, so why should we choose desks that force us to be minimal? If you got caught up in the Marie Kondo craze and bought a compact desk only to realize you’ve got more stuff to put on it than you originally imagined, the Peg-Mag System is a clever way to quickly 2x your desk space without splurging on a new desk.

Designers: Bhagvanji Sonagra & Bhavin Dabhi from UDLAB Products, USA

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Peg-Mag System

The Peg-Mag System combines three clever strategies to help you maximize your desk’s space and potential. The first is a balcony-like Desk Extender that attaches to the side of your table, giving you an extra shelf that cantilevers off your table. Designed to hold a significant amount, the extender is perfect for books, stationery, speakers, or even a fairly heavy gaming rig or CPU. The extender clips onto virtually any desk, and also comes with a rail for attaching a pegboard slider, which is the Peg-Mag’s second strategy.

Peg-Extension System

The pegboard slider is an adaptable, adjustable vertical platform that lets you hang objects on it instead of having them clutter your desk. Each extender comes with two pegboards that attach onto the rails and slide left to right, letting you move them around based on your convenience. The pegboards themselves support a host of attachments, letting you hang headphones, cables, controllers, and a bunch of other objects for ease of access.

MagOrg Desk Mat

Finally, the Peg-Mag System’s third strike comes in the form of a Creative Desk Mat that has a built-in laptop stand, integrated wrist-rests for your keyboard and mouse, elastic organizers for stationery, and a dedicated 15W charging pad for your smartphone. Combined, all three elements turn your desk’s boring plain tabletop surface and turn it into a bastion of functionality. The extender, pegboard, and mat aren’t simply desk accessories… they’re like power-ups that turn your desk into the pinnacle of productivity!

Rail Based Moving Mechanism

The entire setup is expertly designed to fit into the gaps and voids left by your current cramped desk setup. The extender module uses a set of clamps to securely affix onto the side of your desk. It’s location-agnostic, so you can snap it either to the right or the left side, depending entirely on where you want your extra storage. Once clamped, the desk’s heavy-duty metal architecture can hold anything as light as a few books to as heavy as a CPU rig. You don’t need to stash your expensive computer under your table anymore. Attached to the clamps is a slider rail on which fits the Peg-Mag’s pegboards. Styled similar to pegboards available at IKEA, these are made from strong molded plastic, and come in a pair of two vertical boards that attach to the rails and slide to and fro. Place them wherever and move them around when you need to, the pegboards come with positionable holders that are perfect for hanging things that would otherwise occupy space on your desk – cables, headphones, or your gaming controller.

Peg-Mag’s creative desk mat is where the company’s design-forward thinking shines through. A winner of the New York Product Design Awards, the desk mat is envisioned with a modular design, so you can build your own mat based on your requirements and your size constraints. The mat itself is made up of multiple mini-mats that all serve their own purpose. The modules attach to each other magnetically, letting you add or subtract elements to fit the size of your desk. The broader mat is perfect for your keyboard, mouse, and notebook, but Peg-Mag also offers purpose-built add-ons like a laptop-stand mini-mat, a wireless charging mini-mat with a 15W output that you can just place your phone or AirPods on, and elastic-based organizer mats to secure notepads, stationery, styluses, etc. into. Finally, dedicated cushioned rests for your wrists snap onto the bottom, giving you a comfortable resting area for your hands as you frantically work or game.

What the Peg-Mag so cleverly does is look at your desk, outline the problems, and propose incredibly practical and easy-to-implement solutions. Is your desk small? An extender should help. Need space for cables and controllers? How about a nifty pegboard. Want to declutter your space further? A creative mat with modular attachments provides the perfect canvas to organize your life. The entire Peg-Mag System starts at a discounted price of $199, including the extender, two pegboards, and the entire creative desk mat. However, the extender and pegboards are available individually for $149, while the creative desk mat can be procured separately at $125. The system’s flexibility means you can buy the parts and components you need, upgrading your desk in a way that’s resourceful, user-friendly, and more importantly, non-destructive.

Click Here to Buy Now: Set for $199 $425 (54% off). Hurry, only 4/33 left!