This gorgeous concrete sculpture of the New York Flatiron Building is actually a high-end Speaker

It isn’t often that you see brutalism as a design style being used outside architecture… but this sculptural speaker is a different beast entirely.

Designed to look like it was chiseled out of actual concrete, “TheSoloist. Sounds.” from Takahiro Miyashita was crafted with the vision of being the absolute centerpiece of your living room. Outwardly, it’s an homage to New York’s Flatiron building, standing at an impressive 43 inches tall with a dizzying amount of detail. Behind that exterior, however, is a 7-speaker setup designed to output a whopping 2000W of audio power, loud enough that its engineers promise “spectacular sound pressure that can be felt directly on the skin.”

Designer: Takahiro Miyashita

Before your ears experience TheSoloist. Sounds.’s audio, your eyes are treated to one of the most beautiful speakers they’ll ever see. Now in the realm of speaker design, TheSoloist. Sounds. is far from traditional. It doesn’t boast your standard acoustic chamber, audio grill, or showcase the drivers. It looks entirely like an artistic representation of New York’s architecture emerging from a block of concrete, but under that facade hides all of the audio magic. The sculpture can be split into two halves, the upper chiseled section and the lower, which arguably house the mid/high, and the woofer drivers respectively.

The lower section sports two 6.5″ woofers, while the upper part of the speaker houses two 3″ mid-range and three 1″ tweeters, covering a frequency range of 20Hz ~ 25KHz. The speaker pulls 2000W of power, and outputs an impressive 110dB of audio. The entire unit comes crafted from faux concrete, weighing 55lb (24.9 kilograms)… which does feel deceptively light for its nearly 4-foot stature.

Recreated for a second edition after the first one sold out, TheSoloist. Sounds. sports an eye-watering $$6,345.32 price tag… but that makes sense just given the amount of effort and intricate detail that went into the exterior as well as its inner hardware. That being said, TheSoloist. Sounds. isn’t for the discerning audiophile. It’s made for people who want an expressive statement piece to dominate their interior spaces – something this brutalist speaker does exceedingly well!