This cyberpunk mini PC adds a little RGB flavor to your workspace

Mini PCs are becoming quite popular these days, especially with improvements in the processors that drive them. They’ve become dependable desktop PC options, especially for those with space constraints or who detest bulky towers. Some are even capable of gaming, at least within certain limitations. Despite all the internal upgrades, the majority of mini PCs retain their stereotypical box shapes with rather uninspiring designs. And unlike their towering cousins, customization options are pretty limited unless you buy one that was designed with a specific motif from the get-go. That’s the kind of visual experience that this unusual mini PC is trying to offer, carrying a cyberpunk-inspired design and RGB lighting to light up your desk a bit, quite literally even.

Designer: AOOSTAR

The cyberpunk genre gave birth to a design theme that involves bright neon colors set against dark backdrops and a somewhat disorganized composition of lines and polygons that suggest the presence of panels that hide some jungle of wires and circuits underneath. The fictional settings might be gloomy or even disheartening (it’s “punk,” after all), but the designs ironically bring life to products and spaces, at least when done tastefully and with a reasonable balance of elements. The AOOSTAR GOD7 mini PC definitely has that effect without going overboard and turning your desk into a blinding light show.

The design is available in white and black colorways, but it’s definitely the black model that captures the cyberpunk vibe best. The RGB lighting inside shines through polygonal cutouts and vents, giving the semblance of glowing lines and markings prevalent in cyberpunk design. There’s some level of customization when it comes to the colors and “rhythm” of the lights, but don’t expect as much as pro gaming desktops or laptops from bigger brands.

The mini PC is advertised as a gaming computer, but take that label with a grain of salt. It definitely has enough muscle to run a good number of games, but gamers will have to set their expectations properly. Given its more compact size, there is no room for a desktop-grade graphics card, but you can theoretically connect an external GPU enclosure to really take things to the next level. Other than consideration, it’s actually a rather capable computer that would be able to handle most gaming and multimedia tasks you throw at it.

With the rise in both interest and production of mini PCs, it’s only a matter of time before designs become more diversified and, hopefully, more interesting. The AOOSTAR GOD7 packs a decent set of hardware in a design that adds a little pizzazz to your desk without going overboard or becoming too distracting. It has just the right balance of interesting details that will make you want to place it somewhere everyone can see while still having enough room for the more important tools of your trade.