This all-in-1 home renovation tool has a laser measure, stud finder, thermal camera, moisture gauge, and voltage meter

Barely larger than a GoPro, the MAKA Pro Measure is every DIY interior junkie’s best friend. Designed to replace an entire toolbox of items you’d need to perform your home improvement routines, the MAKA Pro Measure lets you measure, detect, and pre-empt everything before you start renovating or decorating your house. It calculates distances, areas, and volumes, locates studs, beams, and cables, and detects wood as well as wires, with more than 9 materials behind the wall, also includes a built-in moisture meter and AC detector, as well as an add-on thermal imaging camera so you can identify signs of heat and energy loss in your home’s insulation.

Designer: MAKA Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $189 ($60 off). Hurry, only 19/200 left! Raised over $110,000.

Cross Laser Level

Stud Finder

Moisture Meter

AC Detector

Thermal Imager

The MAKA Pro Measure reduces your entire home-improvement utility belt to just one pocket-sized device that lets you expertly prep for any repair or renovation around the house. The tiny handheld gadget works as a laser measuring tool that measures distances, areas, and volumes in a matter of seconds, calculating even Pythagorean measurements for quick diagonals. Along with measuring, the laser acts as a guide too, for hanging paintings, aligning wall-based decor like shelves and racks, or even attaching tube lights and other fixtures.

Scan Like a Pro – With one scan, you know exactly what’s behind the wall to be well prepared for drilling/screwing.

Measure Like a Pro – The most versatile laser measure you could find to satisfy every on-site measure scenario!

Laser measures are a dime a dozen, but the MAKA Pro Measure has a built-in stud detector too that lets you quickly look into your wall or past your drywall for studs, beams, and wiring. Unlike conventional stud detectors that simply beep, the MAKA’s display visually indicates when you locate something, differentiating between drywall studs, metal reinforcement beams, and wires. The device’s sensor identifies as many as 9 different materials and can detect them up to depths of 100mm or up to 4 inches within your wall or drywall, helping you also accurately locate them with a center-alignment feature.

Detect Like a Pro – Thermal imager allows you to troubleshoot surrounding unseen housing problems at your fingertips.

Also packed into the handheld gizmo is a pop-out pair of electrodes that work for measuring moisture in walls, or even for detecting AC current in outlets. Along with it, the MAKA also comes with an add-on thermal imaging camera that lets you check your house’s insulation, measure hot spots for placing your air-conditioner, see if you’ve got any gadgets/appliances that are heating up, or even check if your refrigerator/freezer is working at peak temperature. The thermal-imaging camera snaps right to the side of the MAKA, detecting anywhere from -20°C up to a 1000°C. The thermal imaging module offers 5 viewing modes going from regular to infrared thermal vision, and built-in storage also lets you capture as many as 52 photos for future referral.

A handheld design, coupled with a touchscreen display an a set of physical controls makes the MAKA Pro Measure incredibly easy to use even by first-timers, and comes trusted by industry experts. The interface on the device is highly intuitive, and aims at replacing more conventional tools that occupy space and add to your overall clutter. The MAKA has a built-in 1000mAh battery that has it lasting right through your revamp/renovation process without constantly needing to charge it, although a Type-C port lets you charge it whenever the battery runs dry. The MAKA Pro Measure starts at a discounted $129 for just the device, or at $249 for a combo kit that also includes a thermal imager, a tripod, and a soft-shell carrying case.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $189 ($60 off). Hurry, only 19/200 left! Raised over $110,000.