Apple’s iPhone Processors Turned into Collectible Art: This $69 Desk Accessory is the Perfect Tech Gift

Capturing over a decade’s worth of chip evolution, GRID Studio’s Apple A Series frame comes with real iPhone Processors going back as early as 2010, encased in a svelte acrylic sheet. As a part of the company’s larger Black Friday sale, the frame is now available at 50% off for just $69.

Some people are tech nerds, others are history buffs – GRID Studio’s products cater to both. The company turns old iconic products into nostalgia-inducing wall art, recycling devices like older iPhones, BlackBerries, MacBooks, Nokias, and even Nintendo gadgets into framed masterpieces. The products are sourced, disassembled, and turned into glorious tech collages complete with labels to help you appreciate the effort and sheer artistry gone into engineering and assembling some of your favorite products. While a lot of their framed artworks are designed to be large, wall-hung numbers, this particular one is a perfect tiny tabletop accessory. The Apple A Series Mobile Processors frame from GRID Studio comes with eleven authentic processors taken from Apple’s iPhone product line dating back to 2010. Each frame has a timeline going all the way from the A4 chip (used in the iPhone 4 as well as the iPod Touch) to the A14 Bionic which made its appearance in the iPhone 12 Series.

Designer: GRID Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $139 (50% Off) Special Black Friday Sale Discount

The journey starts with the A4 chip, which was the first time Apple designed its own chip for the iPhone. This was still in the Steve Jobs era when he envisioned Apple eventually building every single component in-house. Up until then, Apple’s iPhones were using Samsung-made ARM processors, so the reveal of the A4 really took the world by storm. At 45 nanometers, it’s really no match for the 3nm chips seen in today’s iPhones but it was still industry-leading back in 2010.

The frame’s timeline captures over a decade’s worth of Apple silicon evolution, culminating in the A14 Bionic which had a 5 nanometer architecture, 6 cores, and 4 GPUs. Each frame features actual authentic processor chips, encased in a stunning clear acrylic sheet that’s compact enough to sit on any tabletop.

The frame measures 7.68 inches across, 4.9 inches tall, and stands on 2 metal legs. Its tiny form factor (and rather attractive $69 price tag) makes it a perfect gift for a tech buff or nerd who tends to own the latest tech products. It’s a rather creative gift idea for people who can be a little difficult to gift for, and is sure to be a proud part of their workspace for years to come!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $139 (50% Off) Special Black Friday Sale Discount