This electric bicycle turns into a kick scooter but lacks the comfort one would desire

\Personal mobility vehicles come in various genres and form factors depending on the specific needs of the user. There is a wide array of options from the upbeat Segway and kick scooters to the more conventional bicycles and unicycles. The creative Asian market in Japan and China is also witness to the more futuristic personal pods that are a cross between a Segway and a scooter.

This electric bicycle further takes the hybrid nature of personal commuters to the next level with Cake bike-inspired aesthetics. The modular nature of this commuter makes it a good option for every kind of user. It can be your scooter, a Cake bike, or an electric ride.

Designer: YU ID

The ride also draws inspiration from everyday gadgets, adapting their sleek form without compromising on the robust aesthetic that’s vital to support the body weight. Talking of supporting the rider’s weight, the saddle takes an awkward-looking shape that’ll not keep the rider comfortable for long. This form factor flows with the slim character of the bicycle but is somewhat of a comfort killer I have to say.

The rear middle section of the Electric Mobility bicycle can be detached for the kick-scooter functionality. A pretty big kick scooter it has to be said, perfect for above-than-average people. Would anyone fancy riding this? Well, this commuter has many bases untouched that should have been taken into consideration while designing the blueprint.