Hisense Automobile Laser Displays hands-on at CES 2024

Hisense recently unveiled its latest products at CES 2024. The company’s array of state-of-the-art technologies, including automobile laser displays and rollable laser TVs, sets new industry standards, offering consumers unparalleled visual experiences.

Designer: Hisense

Automobile Laser Display: A New Era in Vehicle Technology

The Automobile Laser Display, honored with the CES 2024 Innovation Award, is revolutionizing the in-vehicle experience. It features the TriChroma™ triple-laser projection system, delivering a color performance 48% superior to traditional LEDs while maintaining a compact form, 80% smaller than conventional optical solutions. Its 200% luminous efficiency makes it the premier choice for automotive displays. The Laser Holographic AR-HUD transforms the windshield into an expansive holographic screen, merging virtual and real-world elements for safer driving. Advanced optical technology further converts side and rear windows into immersive displays, enhancing navigation and entertainment while focusing on safety and compact design.

Hisense Automotive Laser Display: Eyes on

The display of Hisense’s Automotive Laser at CES 2024 made a lasting impression on spectators. With its remarkable features, this cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize the automotive industry. Let’s delve into the details.

Starting from the driver’s cockpit, the heads-up display (HUD) offers an immersive experience by providing turn-by-turn directions, speed, and other essential vehicle information. While the exact resolution and size dimensions are yet to be finalized, the preliminary concept promises a screen size ranging from 13 to 15 inches, ensuring optimal visibility for drivers.

But it doesn’t end there. Rear passengers are also in for a treat with two additional laser projectors, one on each side, and another centrally located in the rear where the traditional glass would typically be. The idea is that when cars are capable of autonomous driving, the rear passenger seats will swivel around. These laser displays, measuring approximately 30 to 40 inches, create a captivating visual experience for passengers, whether they’re embarking on a road trip or enjoying a romantic date night.

One of the most impressive aspects of Hisense’s Automotive Laser Display is its adaptability to the surrounding environment. According to a representative from Hisense, this technology boasts a 200-percent luminous display, surpassing the brightness of conventional LEDs. This feature ensures exceptional picture quality regardless of external conditions, providing an enhanced viewing experience for all passengers.

Moreover, the possibilities of this innovative technology extend beyond the confines of the car. Imagine transforming any flat surface into a drive-in theater with a built-in movie projector in the front bumper of your vehicle. While this incredible feature is only functional when the car is parked, it opens up a world of entertainment possibilities. Tailgate parties, camping trips, or even impromptu movie nights become even more exciting with this cinema-quality experience. Of course, you may need to find suitable surfaces, such as a garage door, for an optimal projection experience.

And that’s not all! Hisense also showcased a rollable laser display TV, further expanding its range of state-of-the-art products. The colors, clarity, and brightness of this TV are truly mesmerizing, captivating viewers and immersing them in a stunning visual display.

Lastly, a mini-laser projector is located directly under the rearview mirror, providing a luminous projection of the name of the car you are driving.

While Hisense’s Automotive Laser Display is currently in the concept stage, reliable sources have disclosed that leading automakers are actively considering adopting this groundbreaking technology. With its potential to redefine the future of automotive displays, it’s no wonder that industry insiders are closely monitoring the progress of Hisense’s Automotive Laser Display.

World’s First Laser Engraver with Midjourney support lets you create and engrave AI artwork

We’re witnessing an age of creative explosion. Whether it’s the accessibility of fabrication tools like 3D printers and laser engravers over the past decade, or the rather recent barrage of AI-based tools that allow anyone to be an artist, never has the time been MORE perfect for the independent creator. For just a few hundred dollars, creators can get their hands on consumer-ready high-end prototyping tools, allowing them to build their creations whether they’re hobbyists, small businesses, or artisans. I’d like to think that 3D printers have gotten their time in the sun, but laser engravers still deserve their moment to shine (pun intended). Arguably more easy to use than 3D printers and CNC machines (since you don’t need to deal with CAD software), laser engravers allow creators to build and customize products like no other tool. You can cut through materials like paper, veneer, vinyl, cardboard, and even thin plastic sheets… but more importantly, a good laser engraver also lets you etch onto a vast variety of materials, like metal, wood, glass, and even ceramics.

Enter the LumiTool F20, a compact powerhouse that embodies this new era of creation. Designed to be a tabletop engraver that can also double as a handheld tool, the LumiTool F20 relies on a powerful industrial-grade 20W laser to effectively etch/carve through materials 10x faster than most standard laser engravers. Created for the home user in mind, the LumiTool is powerful but also intuitive, with a user-friendly experience that prioritizes safety while also offering the ability to work on a variety of materials and even surfaces (horizontal, vertical, and even tilted). When paired with the AI features built into LumiTool’s app, it forms an unstoppable combination, offering precision and speed that’s accessible to all.

Designer: Simon Lin

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The LumiTool F20 looks fairly different from any other laser engraver on the market, and a lot of that boils down to what it’s designed for. It comes with a vertical form factor, allowing you to place objects on its bed below and have the laser hover above, etching designs onto it… however, a handle on the LumiTool F20 also allows you to lift it and point it at other surfaces like door nameplates, mirrors, or larger immovable objects. The laser sits on a hinge too, allowing you to tilt it to engrave on tilted surfaces (to avoid warping and parallax during the job).

The heart of the LumiTool F20’s superiority lies in its fiber laser source, a feature that sets it apart from diode, CO2, and infrared lasers. The fiber laser delivers exceptional results on as many as 100+ materials, ranging from the run-of-the-mill wood, paper and plastic to even metals, glass, and ceramic. The sheer power output of the 20W laser allows it to engrave up to 1.5mm in metal, and a staggering 3mm in stone, giving you the ability to deeply carve into surfaces for high-contrast design work. It can cut into sheet materials too, helping make paper cutouts, acrylic profiles, and even sheet-metal stamps with the simple press of a button.

Equipped with LaserDrive Beam Control technology, the LumiTool F20 boasts engraving speeds up to 7000mm/s. That’s 10 times faster than typical hobbyist engravers, ensuring that your ideas don’t just stay ideas for long. Combine this with a high resolution of 8K (sharper engravings without jagged edges) and a fine granularity of 0.001mm, and you have a tool that captures every detail, ensuring crisp, clear, and precise designs every time. In fact, the F20 possesses the unique ability to engrave in color too, relying on laser wavelengths to bring out colors in metals while running a job.

With a remarkable 8K resolution and a fine granularity of 0.001mm, it achieves a striking level of engraving accuracy.

The LumiTool F20 boasts a work area of up to 150mm x 150mm (6 x 6 inches), and has a height-adjustable head that lets you move the laser module up or down, depending on how big or small the product you want to engrave on is. The laser engraver’s user interface is fairly simple to navigate, making it perfect for first-timers or even seasoned engravers. A dual-light positioning system lets you set the engraver’s focus in mere seconds, and single button lets you start or emergency-stop a job. The engraver comes with a removable tinted shield to protect your hands and eyes from the laser’s sparks, along with a pair of safety goggles to enhance protection.

The F20 pairs with a rather intuitive (and innovative) smartphone app that allows you to upload, adjust, and engrave designs. Sure, you can share jobs via a laptop/desktop too, and the folks at LumiTool are working on Lightburn integration too, but the app really helps break beyond the barrier of wires and complicated software. You can share DXF files for precise pathways for cutting jobs, or directly upload images if you want to engrave/etch something like a wooden frame, a mug, hip-flask, name-plate, or any other object. The app lets you share images directly from your mobile, but it also boasts Midjourney integration, letting you create AI-generated images right within the app itself. These novel AI images can then directly be etched onto objects in mere minutes, taking an otherwise week-long workflow and condensing it down to a 5-minute job.

The LumiTool F20 comes as a standalone device, but you can upgrade your kit with accessories like the safety shield as well as modules like a rotary attachment that lets the device etch on curved surfaces, a chuck rotary for more precise curved jobs like engraving on rings, and a slide extension for working on larger canvasses. The regular lens gives the F20 a 110mm x 110mm work surface, but a field lens upgrade unlocks the F20’s 150mm x 150mm potential. The LumiTool F20 starts at $1599 (that’s as affordable as you’ll ever get for industrial-grade engraving equipment), although the bundle with all the accessories will cost you $2299. The app remains free to use, barring the AI features which cost $99 a year. However, early bird backers get the first year free.

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xTool Screen Printer reinvents screen printing with laser engraving to bring designs to life

There has been a massive flood of new designs from makers, creators, and even hobbyists, all thanks to new tools that have made production processes simpler, easier, and more affordable. There are, however, some designs that are still difficult to pull off, like those that need to be painted on flat surfaces or clothing. The screen printing process for these kinds of designs has traditionally been tedious, expensive, and error-prone, making the activity less enjoyable and less approachable for beginners and hobbyists. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Thanks to a combination of creative design and expertise in laser engraving technologies, this revolutionary screen printing system lets you cut down the time and steps needed to make your wildest print dreams come true.

Designer: xTool Design

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Screen printing can be quite frustrating, even if you exclude the variability that might result when you don’t spread the inks properly near the end of the process. Just the preparation itself can take hours or even days, involving emulsions and exposures that could go awry at any step, forcing you to go through the grueling process again, wasting not just time but also money. If only there was a way to make screen printing easier and more beginner-friendly, just like how 3D printing opened the creative floodgates, especially for budding designers. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the new xTool Screen Printer is bringing to the table, combining an easy-to-use screen printer with laser engraving to deliver the speed and precision creators have always wished for.

While the traditional screen printing process would usually take days just to prepare the screen and make plates, the xTool Screen Printer requires 1-3 hours only on average to create the screen. With its two-sided coated screen using customized professional-grade spray net technology and industrial-level spraying equipment, you practically skip the lengthy emulsion preparation time. Reducing the waiting time is already a huge boost in productivity, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll still need to actually actually put your design on the screen, which is where xTool’s expertise with laser technologies comes in.

When paired with the xTool S1 diode laser cutter or the xTool D1 Pro 5W laser engraver, you can rapidly create stencils at a mind-blowing speed. No longer do you have to worry about printing on transparencies or hoping that the designs are properly imprinted on the screen, both of which could also fail at any time. And thanks to the xTool Creative Space software, you have even more freedom to transfer complex digital designs to your stencils, ensuring that the final print will be just as stunning as your original idea. So while you can use other laser engravers as well, you’re definitely in the best hands with xTool’s industry-tested products.


Stencil creation is reduced from approx. 24 hours to about an hour – at laser speed!

There’s no escaping the act of applying ink to the pattern in order to print it on paper or textiles, but the xTool Screen Printer makes this process easier and worry-free. The EasyStretch Frame ensures a uniform stretch, while an intuitive press design makes short work of swapping screens, minimizing ink spillage, and supporting different materials, including metals and wood. And it doesn’t cost much to get started, with a $199 Early Bird Basic Kit that includes the printing press, one 11.5×16-inch frame, three 11.5×16-inch screens, and other essentials. The $369 Early Bird Multi-Color Kit includes 4 frames and 12 screens to enable you to work with more colors and layers. And if you want to get the laser engravers in one go, you can opt for the $499 or the $1,968 Early Bird bundles for the xTool D1 Pro 5W or the xTool S1 20W, respectively.


Groundbreaking EasyStretch designs simplifies the screen stretching process to an amazing 30 seconds!


The quick-release frame clamp structure facilitates swift stencil switching for seamless creation multi-color masterpieces

Whether you’re a seasoned designer establishing your own brand, a budding creator who wants to spread your ideas to the masses, or a hobbyist who crafts personalized gifts for family and friends, the xTool Screen Printer reinvents and revolutionizes the screen printing process, removing the tedious and bothersome tasks so you can focus instead on letting your creativity shine.

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This Game-Changing Modular Laser Measure is every Architect’s Most Powerful Weapon

Now with 4 successful campaigns to boast of, the folks at HOZO Design are back with yet another advanced measuring device that replaces your entire architect toolkit. Whether it’s plotting distances, measuring floor plans, calculating curves, or even ensuring items/decor are leveled correctly, the M-Cube handles it all with ease. With its innovative modular design, the M-Cube isn’t your ordinary laser measure. The modular attachments give it an 8-direction joystick, a measuring roller, and a bi-laser attachment that lets you accurately, rapidly, and expansively capture your floor plans, whether it’s a tiny flat, a large condo, or a massive commercial space.

Designers: HOZO Design & Peter Liang

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It all starts with the M-Cube’s hub, which houses its powerful laser capable of working at 10fps and measuring distances of 50 meters (164 feet) in anywhere between 0.1 and 0.2 seconds, depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors. The laser is accompanied by a nifty 1.89-inch display that informs your entire measuring process, helping you capture distances, plot floor-plans, and even access past data. The hub itself has a 1000mAh battery, and on its own it outshines most conventional laser measures… but attach modules to it and suddenly you have an advanced tool capable of plotting accurate floor plans in mere minutes.

The M-Cube’s first module is the smart floor planner – an 8-directional joystick that allows you to set directions as you measure floor planners. Place your laser measure and measure the first linear distance, then move around the space in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, using the joystick to tell your laser which wall it’s measuring next. The joystick lets you easily and intuitively choose the direction of the wall, allowing you to even account for 45° angled walls, pillars, corners, and other elements of your floor plan. Working almost like a game where you guide your ‘cursor’, the smart floor planner’s joystick lets the M-Cube trace the floor plan out step by step, speeding your plotting process by nearly 3x while increasing your accuracy by 38% according to the folks at HOZO Design. To give you an idea of what that translates to in real-world applications, the M-Cube lets you plot a 968ft² condo in 4 minutes, or a sprawling 7997ft² commercial floor plan in 9 minutes. A cleverly located one-tap button lets you capture distances simply by placing your M-Cube against a surface, corner, or an edge, allowing you to seamlessly and effortlessly record measurements.

If you don’t want to go from wall to wall tapping against surfaces, the Bilateral laser module gives the M-Cube an extra laser facing in the opposite direction. Snap the module on, stand in the middle of a room, and point your M-Cube against both walls and it measures the distance between them. You don’t even need to hold your M-Cube at a precise 90° angle, because sensors within the device calculate your hand’s tilt and algorithms calculate the accurate distance by automatically calibrating the measurement for you. Just to be on the safer side, a spirit level on the module helps you figure out if you’re holding the laser measure straight. The module also helps you accurately mount decor like shelves, paintings, rods perfectly horizontally using a separate green-line laser. The M-Green Line, as HOZO Design calls it, works for both vertical and horizontal orientation, and is 4x brighter than their red laser, allowing for higher visibility.

The M-Cube’s final frontier is its Scale Roller, a precision roller that lets you accurately measure non-linear surfaces like arches, curves, and other organic details like winding staircases, etc. A laser marker helps you position the roller accurately, while the M-Cube’s handheld design allows you to easily roll along surfaces on-site as well as record linear distances on a printed plan. Simply roll from point A to B on the printed piece of paper and it records the distance, letting you scale it up to then later compare it to the actual built-out site.

While the 400-nit 1.89-inch screen is more than capable of letting you access the M-Cube’s core functions, its companion Meazor App (which works with all of HOZO Design’s products) lets you extract the most from your measurements. The app keeps a historical record of distances, conversions, and floor-plans available at the tap of a button, and you can even export them as DXF, PDF, JPG, and XLS files that you share with colleagues/clients or even work with directly in your CAD software.

The modular nature of the M-Cube makes it a space-saver and a game-changer. It allows the device to remain hyper-compact, while the snap-on modules expand the M-Cube’s abilities based on your needs. The main hub and the modules themselves are incredibly compact, making them easy to carry around with, while support for USB-C also lets you easily charge your M-Cube using any available smartphone charger or power bank. Additionally, the Smart Floor Planner joystick module has space for two AA batteries, giving your M-Cube a boost of extra power whenever needed!

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This Compact 40W Diode Enclosed Laser Cutter Is Every Designer + Hobbyist’s Dream

With a fully-enclosed design that makes it incredibly user-friendly and safe for even homes, the xTool S1 is the most powerful laser cutter consumers can buy. It sports a slim design that doesn’t occupy the kind of vertical space required by other consumer-grade devices like 3D printers, and has a modular design that lets you swap out the laser attachments depending on the material you’re working with. The enclosed design eliminates the need to wear goggles while the cutter’s in action, and multiple flame-detectors keep the entire operation safe at all times. Despite all that, the xTool S1 sports a starting price of just $1,599 for the S1 with a 20W laser, going up to $1,999 if you want to pack ultimate power with a 40W laser diode.

Designer: xTool

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Occupying the same footprint as a flatbed scanner, the S1 from xTool is an industry-grade laser cutter designed specifically for hobbyists, prototypers, designers, engineers, small entrepreneurs, and other creatively inclined folk. It packs a powerful laser diode into an enclosed flatbed-style design that isn’t just compact, it’s also much safer than most consumer-grade open-diode laser cutters that either require you to splurge another couple of hundreds on a safety enclosure, or require you to have goggles on at all times while operating the machinery. The S1 is a suitable alternative, and comes with its own enclosed design that doesn’t break the bank. The 40W laser is powerful enough to slice through wood, leather, stainless steel to plastic, precious metals, acrylic, and almost all other common materials with absolute ease. A modular design allows you to swap between laser diodes of different powers so you can engrave too, while also letting you attach accessories like risers for working on taller/thicker elements, or a rotary module for engraving on cylindrical surfaces.

The modular design extends to even the laser itself, with the ability to switch between the 40W laser, a 20W laser, or a 1064nm laser. The entire process is easy for even first-timers to do, giving your S1 the range to work with a whole host of materials. Other modules include the riser, which elevates your S1 so you can engrave on products as thick as 125mm (4.9 inches), the RA2 Pro rotary module for engraving on cylindrical surfaces (covering 90% of the cylinder), or even the Automatic Conveyor Feed that lets you feed in longer pieces of material as the S1 does running cuts on them. You can even add a honeycomb lattice to catch your parts as they fall, filtering dust off in the process, or install a smoke purifier module that purifies 99.97% of the exhaust fumes generated while the laser is at work.

Experts as well as novices will appreciate how intuitive using the S1 is. Right off the bat, it accepts all leading file types including SVG/DXF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF, while supporting working with a variety of material categories from paper all the way up to stainless steel.

While most laser cutters use cameras for positioning, the S1 offers a new twin-point positioning system that’s much more accurate than the traditional camera method. This sidesteps the camera’s own shortcomings like its ability to distort or succumb to small amounts of parallax. The twin-point positioning system offers higher accuracy thanks to xTool’s advanced algorithms, allowing you to accurately visualize previews within the software for the best possible results.

The S1 also features an advanced Intelligent Focus System, enabling multi-point high-precision ranging and automated 3D object modeling. The motorized Z-axis dynamically adjusts focus in real time during processing, ensuring meticulous precision. Once you’ve loaded and calibrated your job, the S1 gets to work at 600mm/s, offering a respectably speedy yet incredibly stable performance thanks to the robust guide rail system that guides the laser with ease.

40 watts of power is no joke, especially in the laser world, which is why the folks at xTool take safety as seriously as they do. Rated Class-1, the laser is certified safe to be used around humans given how many precautions the S1 takes with its design. A large, high-transparency cover offers excellent dual-wavelength filtering capabilities (diode laser and 1064nm Infrared laser), freeing you from cumbersome protective glasses while giving you a clear view of the job while it’s being processed.

The entire enclosure is fire-resistant, but the chances of a fire are drastically minimized thanks to omni-directional flame detectors that constantly monitor the S1 while it’s in action. A powerful smoke exhaust rapidly discharges harmful gases produced during laser processing, ensuring your safety and well-being, with the option of adding a purifier module that purifies 99.97% of the air making its way out of the S1. The device additionally has auto-shutdown protocols when you lift the lid in the middle of a job or when the S1 detects a tilt or impact, and at any other time, a conveniently placed emergency stop button lets you instantly pause a job.

The xTool S1 measures 765mm x 561mm (30 inches x 22 inches) in length and diameter, while being 183mm or 7.2 inches in height (going to 268mm or 10.5 inches with the riser module attached) and weighing 20 kilograms (44lbs). The S1 40W has a 498mm x 319mm (19.6 inches x 12.5 inches) work area, extendable indefinitely via the Automatic Conveyor Feed module. The device connects via both USB as well as WiFi, working with popular software Lightburn or even xTool’s proprietary XCS software that’s available for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices. The xTool S1 starts at $1,599 for the 20W model, while the 40W variant costs $1,999, undercutting most powerful laser cutters that can run up even 5 figures in cost. Addon modules for the cutter are available separately.

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This all-in-1 home renovation tool has a laser measure, stud finder, thermal camera, moisture gauge, and voltage meter

Barely larger than a GoPro, the MAKA Pro Measure is every DIY interior junkie’s best friend. Designed to replace an entire toolbox of items you’d need to perform your home improvement routines, the MAKA Pro Measure lets you measure, detect, and pre-empt everything before you start renovating or decorating your house. It calculates distances, areas, and volumes, locates studs, beams, and cables, and detects wood as well as wires, with more than 9 materials behind the wall, also includes a built-in moisture meter and AC detector, as well as an add-on thermal imaging camera so you can identify signs of heat and energy loss in your home’s insulation.

Designer: MAKA Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $189 ($60 off). Hurry, only 19/200 left! Raised over $110,000.

Cross Laser Level

Stud Finder

Moisture Meter

AC Detector

Thermal Imager

The MAKA Pro Measure reduces your entire home-improvement utility belt to just one pocket-sized device that lets you expertly prep for any repair or renovation around the house. The tiny handheld gadget works as a laser measuring tool that measures distances, areas, and volumes in a matter of seconds, calculating even Pythagorean measurements for quick diagonals. Along with measuring, the laser acts as a guide too, for hanging paintings, aligning wall-based decor like shelves and racks, or even attaching tube lights and other fixtures.

Scan Like a Pro – With one scan, you know exactly what’s behind the wall to be well prepared for drilling/screwing.

Measure Like a Pro – The most versatile laser measure you could find to satisfy every on-site measure scenario!

Laser measures are a dime a dozen, but the MAKA Pro Measure has a built-in stud detector too that lets you quickly look into your wall or past your drywall for studs, beams, and wiring. Unlike conventional stud detectors that simply beep, the MAKA’s display visually indicates when you locate something, differentiating between drywall studs, metal reinforcement beams, and wires. The device’s sensor identifies as many as 9 different materials and can detect them up to depths of 100mm or up to 4 inches within your wall or drywall, helping you also accurately locate them with a center-alignment feature.

Detect Like a Pro – Thermal imager allows you to troubleshoot surrounding unseen housing problems at your fingertips.

Also packed into the handheld gizmo is a pop-out pair of electrodes that work for measuring moisture in walls, or even for detecting AC current in outlets. Along with it, the MAKA also comes with an add-on thermal imaging camera that lets you check your house’s insulation, measure hot spots for placing your air-conditioner, see if you’ve got any gadgets/appliances that are heating up, or even check if your refrigerator/freezer is working at peak temperature. The thermal-imaging camera snaps right to the side of the MAKA, detecting anywhere from -20°C up to a 1000°C. The thermal imaging module offers 5 viewing modes going from regular to infrared thermal vision, and built-in storage also lets you capture as many as 52 photos for future referral.

A handheld design, coupled with a touchscreen display an a set of physical controls makes the MAKA Pro Measure incredibly easy to use even by first-timers, and comes trusted by industry experts. The interface on the device is highly intuitive, and aims at replacing more conventional tools that occupy space and add to your overall clutter. The MAKA has a built-in 1000mAh battery that has it lasting right through your revamp/renovation process without constantly needing to charge it, although a Type-C port lets you charge it whenever the battery runs dry. The MAKA Pro Measure starts at a discounted $129 for just the device, or at $249 for a combo kit that also includes a thermal imager, a tripod, and a soft-shell carrying case.

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