Gundam-inspired headphones boast flexible listening configuration

Headphones are a staple for modern lifestyles, whether it is about listening to your favorite music while working, plugging into your podcast list, or simply killing time gaming on the couch. You’ll find hundreds of impressive designs and virtually the best audio technology crammed into these must-have accessories.

Finding a pair of headphones that resonates with one’s audio requirements and style statement is every audiophile’s dream. Of the countless headphones we’ve come across and tested ones that we have access to, it ultimately comes down to how well they’re designed. Take for instance this CES-worthy piece that’s a concept but still keeps my hopes alive it’ll be up for pre-order someday!

Designer: Kostas Dakanalis

Bearing a form factor that’s completely unrivaled, this concept design for headphones looks inspired by the Gundam mecha. While gaming headphones from the likes of Razer, Asus, HyperX, Turtle Beach and Steel Series have tamed the conventional design norms, this pair of cans is at another level. Those winged streaks on each earcup lend the pair a distinctive personality and also have a useful function.

These wings are connected to the central rotating dial that determines the equalizer being used currently. Also, depending on the settings chosen, rotating the dial can turn them from a closed back to a semi-open or completely open configuration. Audiophiles who are in the hobby of collecting headphones of every type possible will have solace in this single pair for multiple listening moods. The cool ambient lighting of the pair complements this.

Of course, we don’t know what hardware specifications they come with, but the sci-fi design and flexible design configuration make them super lucrative. Just imagine sporting one of these in an e-sports tournament or even in your home setup. They perfectly complement your geeky desk setup if you are into bias lighting and RGB lights.