Cybertruck 2.0 concept showcases an elegantly curved design, color options, and a ‘frunk’

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla announced a Cybertruck 2.0 before even delivering the Cybertruck 1 (after all that’s sort of what they did with the Roadster)… however, this redesign comes from the mind of automotive designer Dejan Hristov, who’s probably waiting for his Cybertruck to deliver too.

The Cybertruck 2.0 concept focuses on getting right the few things that the first truck got arguably wrong. The first design was way too polarizing, and according to Musk himself, incredibly difficult to build at mass scale. Rather than focusing on a truck that’s tommy-gun bulletproof, the Cybertruck 2.0 adopts a less aggressively divisive design, opting for the use of gentle curves instead of sharp angles. Musk mentioned that the Cybertruck hoped to shatter the design monotony of the pickup category, and the Cybertruck 2.0 does that too with a pretty eye-catching design that has the potential for being iconic… but those mild curves definitely give the car a more ‘finished’ appearance rather than looking like something you find at the bottom of a box of cornflakes.

Designer: Dejan Hristov

The Cybertruck redesign has a remarkably improved silhouette while still retaining the cyber-ish design direction set by the original. For starters, it still has edge-lines that give the truck definition, along with LED-strip headlights and taillights. The metal used on the redesign is clearly not the same as the one found in the original Cybertruck, given its ability to be formed into 3D curves, and even be embossed (notice the Tesla logo on the front and the back?)

One could assume that either Tesla’s developed a way to bend their bulletproof space-grade metal sheets, or Musk just decided to cave and make the car out of a more manageable metal but provide a solid chassis that gives the car its brute strength. Aesthetically, this just seems like a better direction to go in given that your vision isn’t really clashing with current technologies.

The truck is accompanies by a redesigned Cyberquad that, like back in 2019, fits right in the truck’s bed. The quad’s design borrows from sports bikes with its tank-shaped form, and matches its companion truck with a similar paint job.

In true pickup fashion, the back of the truck has its storage bed that’s ideal for camping, tailgating, or storing a Cyberquad. It comes with its own shutter, just like the original, but look a little ahead and you’ll notice that the Cybertruck’s windscreen now extends all the way to the back, giving you a wonderful vertically panoramic view from inside the car. You won’t want to camp in the back with that view!

A major departure from the original Cybertruck is the presence of color options. Hristov visualized the new Cybertruck with colors to match the rest of Tesla’s lineup, carrying forward the same logic to the Cyberquad too. As interesting as the original Cybertruck was, its lack of color options was probably one of its most noticeable flaws. Musk believed in showcasing the truck’s cold-rolled stainless steel in its true rawness, leaving a lot to be desired in the CMF department. This redesign corrects that mistake with color options that allow the truck to stand out through a stunning color palette, not through that flat-planed design seen on the 1st gen Cybertruck.

In Hristov’s final reimagination of the Cybertruck, he gives it one last feature to blow everyone’s minds away – a frunk! A detail seen on every Tesla car before it, the frunk can now be accessed on the Cybertruck 2.0 concept by opening it like you would a drawer. The hood doesn’t pop upwards like conventional cars; instead, the grille unit on the front slides forward, giving you ample space for storing bags, backpacks, and brewskis. The truck also comes with a retractable spoiler at the back, and a panel on the front that lifts up to reveal the windshield wipers. The redesign also gets sleeker rear-view cameras that share footage to the dashboard, eschewing the archaic rear-view mirror.

As gorgeous as the Cybertruck 2.0 is, it’s probably just wishful thinking for now given how Musk has constantly backtracked on delivery dates for the truck announced in 2019. The Cybertruck is officially (for now) going to start delivery at the end of November, although Tesla hasn’t been clear on how many units will be delivered, or even what its final price is going to be (amid mass fear of a massive price surge). For now, the truck is actually making its way to Tesla showrooms across USA, so maybe that’s one good sign?