This multipurpose tablet orients in any direction for work and play on the go

Having a single gadget that takes care of your professional work, entertainment and gaming needs is in trend. More so when you can’t carry around multiple gadgets all the time. A tablet solves most of the purposes but then you must buy additional accessories too, thereby adding to the overall cost.

iScream Homelearn Book gets over this catch-22 situation with a mindfully designed gadget that’s well-tailored for any member of your family. Whether you love to binge-watch, do long gaming sessions, or get down to prepping your next big presentation; this versatile next-gen tablet is for you.

Designer: Found Founded

The mobile device is a combination of a large screen, tablet stand and a keyboard for setting up in any orientation. With the pedestals, detachable magnets and the robust build this gadget can be maneuvered in any direction without the fear of toppling over. In that sense, it’s your mini PC on the go.

The makers have kept the design and the color schema to be ultra-simple to avoid any visual distractions while working. It comes with a stylus pen to scribe down text, make digital art, or jot down any other details, much like the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. Of course, other options on the market from players like Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft are there, but having the ecosystem of all accessories finely tuned with the main gadget is an advantage.

There is no word if the iScream is going to get past the concept and prototype stage or is it going to be released someday as a buyable option. If it does, the software-hardware integration has to be spot-on if the makers want to enter the closely contested market space!