JBL Launches The Live 3 Series Of Touchscreen Earbuds For Personalized Audio Experience

JBL, a renowned name in audio technology, has made a splash at CES 2024 with the introduction of its latest generation of wireless earbuds, the Live 3 series. Comprising three distinct models – Live Buds 3, Live Beam 3, and Live Flex 3 – this lineup is designed to cater to diverse user preferences while offering a seamless and personalized audio experience. Let’s delve into the key features of these earbuds, showcased in a sleek touchscreen charging case.

Designer: JBL

One of the standout features of the Live 3 series is the inclusion of a 1.45-inch LED touch display on the charging case, a technology first introduced in JBL’s Tour Pro 2. This touchscreen functionality allows users to manage calls, view texts, control music playback, and even receive social media alerts directly from the case. Ideal for situations where users prefer not to handle their phones with sweaty hands like in the gym or when you’re out for a run, this innovative addition brings a new level of convenience to the earbud experience.

The Live 3 series introduces three unique models, each finely tuned to suit different preferences and situations. Let’s dive into what each has to offer:

First, the Live Buds 3:
Its sporting a classic bud-style design with a comfy fit. You get a solid 10 hours of playtime outside the case with ANC (active noise cancellation) off, plus an extra 30 hours of juice from the case. Perfect for those who want a laid-back, immersive audio experience.

Then, we have the Live Beam 3:
It’s JBL’s answer to AirPods Pro 2. These closed-type stick earbuds feature a noise-isolating design, giving you 12 hours of playtime with ANC off and an additional 36 hours of charge from the case. It’s all about that premium audio experience.

Lastly, the Live Flex 3:
It’s the open-type stick headphones for the AirPods 3 enthusiasts. Offering 10 hours of playtime with ANC off and an extra 40 hours from the case, these are designed for those who appreciate an open design and longer battery life.

Here’s the cool part; all of them share some awesome features. Think IP55 (for Buds and Beam) and IP54 (for Flex) dust and water resistance, Smart Charging Case tech with a 1.45-inch LED touch display, Hi-Res Audio, JBL Signature Sound, Bluetooth 5.3 support with LE Audio (via OTA update) for multipoint connectivity, and compatibility with top-notch Android phones like Google Pixel 7/8 and Samsung Galaxy S23.

This lineup isn’t just about earbuds; it’s about tailoring your audio experience to fit your style. So, whether you’re into classic buds, Pro-level sound, or an AirPods vibe, the Live 3 series has you covered.

All three models of the JBL Live 3 series are priced at $199.95 and are expected to hit stores later this summer. They will be available in black and silver, these earbuds aim to deliver a premium audio experience for users with diverse preferences and lifestyles. As the market eagerly awaits their arrival, JBL’s Live 3 series promises to redefine the standards of wireless earbuds in 2024.