Experience freedom with PlugVan that transforms small and mid-sized van into adventure haven in 5 minutes

In the adventure community, the allure of the rugged roads steamrolls the idea of having a flexible, easily transformable campervan. And when you cannot find one that is as capable, you need something like the PlugVan: an innovative solution for small van owners looking to unlock the potential of their vehicles for adventure and exploration.

PlugVan gives you the freedom of converting your Mercedes Vito, VW T4, T5, or T6.1 into a fully equipped camper and back to its original state in just five minutes. The PlugVan Small module is the key to turning your ordinary vehicle into a versatile adventure-ready companion. Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway or a planned road trip, this modular system offers a hassle-free transformation, allowing you to seamlessly switch between everyday utility and a fully equipped camper setup.

Designer: PlugVan

One of the most compelling features of the PlugVan is its adaptability. No modifications to the base vehicle are needed, making it a convenient choice for van owners seeking versatility without sacrificing the integrity of their vehicles. With its compact design, the PlugVan Small measures 200cm long and is adjustable from 122cm to 164cm in width.

The PlugVan Small is crafted to suit various vehicles as its extendable side sections ensure an optimal fit to the width of your van, providing a snug and secure setup. Within this cleverly designed module, you’ll find a swiveling table for indoor and outdoor use, a convenient kitchenette complete with an integrated sink, and a water system for both fresh and wastewater.

Interestingly, the PlugVan also provides a connection for an outdoor shower. Ample storage space is ensured so that all your essentials for the road can be neatly stowed away. 12V light strips illuminate the space within, creating a cozy ambiance for your adventures. The multifunctional design also incorporates a sofa that ingeniously transforms into a comfortable bed, making overnight stays a delight. For those seeking additional amenities, there’s an option for electricity storage and a solar panel.

One of the most appealing aspects of the PlugVan Small is its accessibility. Starting from a reasonable price of 5,880 EUR, this innovative camper module opens up a world of possibilities without breaking the bank. It’s a game-changer for van owners looking to elevate their travel experiences without investing in an entirely new vehicle.