Two-wheeled autonomous robots are designed to keep your premises secure

Having a human patrol the premises that you want to protect is probably the most common security protocol. However, it is still not fool proof and is prone to error and may cost you a lot if you pay an agency or the security personnel directly. Installing security cameras is also another option but can also be expensive. So if you’re going to spend a lot, why not spend it on a robot?

Designer: Ascento

A Zurich-based company has come up with the Ascento Guard, a robot that can patrol your premises autonomously but with more features than your surveillance system. It is a two-wheeled guard that is able to spot intruders, check on doors and windows, monitor the premises, and record property lights. Once it detects an unusual incident, it sends an alarm so a human can go to the area and do what needs to be done. So yes, human intervention is still needed.

The robot comes with thermal and infrared cameras to record and detect incidents, speakers, a microphone, and GPS tracking. It can run at speeds of up to 5 km/hour if fully charged. It has two large wheels and a robot-looking body that seems to have eyes that can stare into your soul. It is equipped with a fall recovery feature so that it can easily move around all kinds of areas and terrains. It can also weather any kind of, well, weather as it is water proof.

As mentioned earlier, there is still a human element needed in case of an incident. So don’t worry that robots like these will eventually replace actual guards. But it is an alternative or a supplement to your security system if needed. I’m still scared that things like these will eventually become our overlords but hopefully companies like these have thought of ways to make sure that the robot uprising will not happen anytime soon.