Keyboard with UST projector projects any language onto bottom of the keys to transform it into a bilingual powerhouse

Ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to type in a different language from a keyboard but had no clue where specific letters or accents were located? Perhaps it was a requirement for your job, or maybe you were just passionate and wanted to extend your bilingual skills. Well, it’s not just you! Jorge Paez found himself in a similar predicament upon starting a new job in a foreign location.

Most of us face this challenge yet not many think about a solution. We look for alternatives on the market or hold up with DIY solutions like sticking letters onto the keyboard or downloading language-specific keyboard apps. But Paez wanted a comprehensive and innovative solution to bridge the language gap.

Designer: Jorge Paez

To break down language barriers and foster smoother typing in any language you like, Paez has conceptualized the ADAPT keyboard: a true marvel that can make life specifically easy for multilingual typing. How, you ask? By integrating an Ultra Short Throw projector right at its core, this keyboard takes your typing game to a whole new level.

The ADAPT cutting-edge keyboard is designed with tech-savvy multilingual individuals in mind. It uses the integrated Ultra Short Throw projector to project any language onto the bottom of the keys to instantly transform the keyboard into a bilingual powerhouse.

For instance, you’re sitting at your desk, and want to switch between typing in English and Spanish. With the ADAPT keyboard, you simply select your desired language on your computer, and the projector beams the corresponding keyboard layout onto the keys, illuminating them with the necessary characters and accents.

So, with the ADAPT keyboard typing or switching between languages is a breeze, enabling you to communicate fluidly and effectively regardless of the language. No more fumbling around with sticky notes or navigating through language-specific keyboard apps, with the ADAPT concept, the experience of typing is going to become elegant and classy. In addition to being an effective tool for pros, the keyboard can also serve as an interactive exercise, helping the novice to familiarize themselves with different keyboard layouts and characters.