Belkin auto-tracking Stand Pro swivels iPhone 360 degrees with your movement during video calls, recordings

Apple iPhone already does some great things. Belkin believes there is a way it can add some prowess to the phone’s video and FaceTime capabilities. To that accord, the accessories manufacturer is bringing Belkin Stand Pro to CES 2024. This motorized dock for the iPhone 12 and upward is made to swivel 360 degrees and track users’ movement while the camera is on.

There have been numerous iterations of iPhone dock we have seen in our time. Right from the days docking stations played incredible music and now those that wirelessly charge the smartphone and render it with incredible utility: case in point, the rotating functionality the Belkin Stand Pro brings to the iPhone.

Designer: Belkin

The Belkin Stand Pro is offered with a cylindrical base that can rotate 360 degrees. From the base extends a MagSafe-equipped motorized arm which holds and charges the iPhone. The arm can extend 90 degrees, up and down, for more convenience.

The Stand Pro is essentially designed for tracking your movement, for instance, you are cooking in the kitchen and the iPhone playing the video recipe tutorial rotates wherever you go; picking spices, or walking to the fridge. When you don’t want the iPhone to track your movement, you can turn the tracking off from the onboard button. The LED indicator built-in indicates when the tracking is on or off.

The iPhone pairs to the Belkin dock with NFC and allows you to open apps including camera, FaceTime, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Once the app’s working, the Stand Pro automatically rotates the docked iPhone to keep you in frame all the time using iPhone’s recognition technology without having to add additional third-party app. This makes the Belkin Stand Pro the first iPhone accessory to use Apple’s DockKit framework.

Priced at $179.99, the Belkin dock functions as a wireless charger with up to 15W fast wireless charging when plugged into a 30W USB-C charger. For filming away from the direct power port, the Stand Pro also features a battery that can do the task for up to five hours on a single charge.