Eco-hub lets you regrow plants from organic waste

Aside from the fact that I more often than not unintentionally kill the plants that are entrusted to me, another reason that I can’t really raise plants is that I don’t have space in my apartment. A lot of people who live in cities like me are unable to find spots in order to have some semblance of greenery in their every day lives. But what if you could have a tool to plant and raise organic materials and also help save on organic waste at the same time?

Designer: Batuhan Duran

This is the basic idea behind the Bosch eco-hub, a concept that is rethinking how we can grow plants in the middle of the concrete jungle. It was really born out of how to more efficiently reuse organic waste instead of just the usual disposal methods which may be counterintuitive to sustainable living. It is a box that is able to regrow some of these organic root waste and turn them into seeds, seedlings, and actual food. And since it is portable and small, it allows those who have little space to do their own home and balcony gardening.

This electricity-free biodynamic farming unit seems to be shaped lke a lunchbox, which is perfect since you can actually get your food here. The eco-hub is made from things like bioplastic, egg, wood, and biopolymer. You will be able to regenerate vegetables like lettuce, arugula, cress, and aromatic plants like mint, rosemary, basil. It has its own filtration system that eliminates things like pH sensors and constant water replacement since it is able to facilitate the water purification by transferring oxygen through their roots into the water.

I probably still can’t grow plants in my apartment for various reasons but those who have limited space and only have indoor space can probably benefit from an eco-hub like this. They say there’s also a great feeling that comes from being able to grow what you eat so this can bring satisfaction on different levels for those who would like to say they harvested from their living room.