ROMOSS debuts Massive 40,000mAh Power Bank with 65W Charging for your Phone + Laptop

Armed with a whopping 40,000mAh battery that can charge your phone from 0 to 100 more than 10 times, and a built-in LED light that can run for 8 days on a fully charged battery, this new power bank from ROMOSS really pulls out all stops. Understandably larger than your conventional power bank, the ROMOSS Quick Charge Pro is about the same size as a smart speaker. It comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around, has two USB-A ports, a Lightning USB-C port, and another bi-directional USB-C port that lets you either charge a fourth device, or charge the power bank itself. The Quick Charge Pro outputs a maximum 65W, and is the second in ROMOSS’ line-up of power banks which also include an Air, Max, and an Ultra that output 30W, 100W, and 200W respectively.

Designer: ROMOSS

A control panel on the top features the Quick Charge Pro’s ports and its two-button interface that let you switch the power bank on or off, and toggle the front-facing light that has three brightness modes. The two USB-A ports let you charge regular devices around you, while the USB-C ports offer much more power output, allowing you to fast-charge phones and tablets, as well as juice your laptop. GizmoChina reports that the power bank can charge “the iPhone 14 Pro (7.3 times), Huawei Mate 50 (6.4 times), MacBook Pro 14 (M1) (2.0 times), and iPad Pro 11 (5.0 times),” making it a hefty-yet-powerful battery-pack to have for the power-hungry.

The bright lamp gives the power bank yet another feature to make up for its large size. The Quick Charge Pro’s 148Wh battery isn’t rated for air-travel, but it’s perfect for camping trips, hikes, night-time backyard shenanigans, drive-in movie dates, or just having around the house during a power outage. The lighting system is bright and works well as a lantern, with three brightness settings and a whopping 8-day life on a fully-charged battery. ROMOSS’ Quick Charge Pro comes in three colors – Clear Water Green, Misty Silver, and Midnight Black, and is currently available only as a China-exclusive for 319 yuan ($43), but here’s hoping for a global release too…