Timekettle’s $699 translator device can simultaneously translate between 20 people in 5 separate languages

Timekettle CEO Leal Tian compares it to an entire UN General Assembly meeting being translated by a simple $699 device…

Over the past few years, Timekettle has really carved its niche into the translation industry. Translating speech is usually seen as a feature, not an entire category in itself, as companies like Google and Microsoft have integrated it into their larger offerings for meetings and calls… however, Timekettle solidified its vision as a company that puts translation front and center. First building their repertoire with TWS earbuds like the M3 and the WT2 Edge before moving onto handheld translator devices like the Fluentalk T1 Mini, the company is now broadening their hardware lineup and their horizons with the X1 Interpreter Hub, a multi-device translation solution that offers multi-language translation both online as well as offline for business ad education.

Timekettle has a history of advancing translation hardware, and the X1 Interpreter Hub is a culmination of user feedback and technological advancements. The device offers an all-in-one design that requires no additional apps or complex setups. Its primary function is to enable real-time translation for one-on-one conversations or multi-language meetings, making it a versatile tool for various communication needs.

The individual modules pair simply by touching them to connect.

At its core, the X1 boasts an advanced simultaneous translation engine capable of handling multiple languages both online and offline. This flexibility is crucial in a world where internet access can be unreliable. The device’s patented Vector Noise Reduction algorithm is a standout feature, ensuring that translations are not only swift but also clear and accurate, even in noisy environments.

The X1 offers five versatile translation modes:

  1. Face-to-Face Conversation Mode: This mode allows two people to speak back and forth in their native languages, with the X1 providing instantaneous translation.
  2. Group Meeting Mode: Designed for multilingual meetings, this mode can connect multiple X1 devices, allowing each participant to follow and contribute in their preferred language.
  3. Listen Mode: Ideal for lectures or speeches, this mode translates what’s being said into your language in real-time.
  4. Speak Mode: This turns the X1 into a handheld translator, useful for quick translations in informal settings.
  5. Voice Call Translation: For remote communication, this mode translates phone conversations on the fly, making every word clear and comprehensible.

Understanding the need for record-keeping in business and education settings, the X1 comes with a built-in recording feature. This allows users to save important conversations, lectures, or meetings for later review. Privacy is also a paramount concern, and the X1 addresses this with a secure data erasure feature, ensuring that all recorded content can be permanently deleted as needed.

Moreover, Timekettle is also promising exciting additional features via OTA upgrades, including the ability to actively audio-translate videos in real-time (something that Spotify and YouTube still haven’t figured out), as well as AI voice cloning, which allows translated speech to play in the same voice as the speaker. This makes real-time arguments more fun, suggests Timekettle CEO Leal Tian!

The X1 Interpreter Hub sports a sleek, compact design that belies its powerful capabilities. It’s built to be portable, ensuring that effective communication isn’t confined to a single space. The device’s intuitive interface allows for easy operation, a critical feature when navigating the complexities of multiple languages. Additionally, its robust construction means it’s designed to withstand the rigors of travel and frequent use, making it a reliable companion for business professionals, educators, and travelers alike.

“Our vision at Timekettle sets us apart from other players in the market, focusing on differentiation in product design and development direction. We strive to develop the best communication solutions to address real-life user cases and encourage proactive engagement in different languages,” says Leal Tian.

Priced at $799, the X1 Interpreter Hub is a premium offering in the translation device market. This price reflects its advanced features and the value it provides in professional and educational settings. Set to be released at CES 2024, it will be available on Timekettle’s official website and Amazon.